Without us Even Realizing how Much Cheapness of Nature

If you pay attention to the pictures you have in writing this time, perhaps you never thought of such beauty if is the result of how the cheapness of nature in "forgive" human carelessness. Fortunately, humans are willing to learn and not repeat stupid actions in the past, and in the end they become lessons for humans.

Glass Beach is a beach located on the coast of California. In the past, humans make this beach as the landfills, not just household garbage, even up to the car-wreck was scattered on the beach. The vandal behavior ended in 1967 when that institution is authorized to close down the beach, and then a company take over the beach.

The company conducted a series of clean-up actions and succeeded in cleaning up the beach. But unfortunately, these efforts are still limited to large-sized garbage bins while smaller bins remain untouched, including glass.

However, nature is not staying silent. Though progress is slow enough, nature work cleaning up the beach with their own way. Continuous shearing waste flakes though passing by the waves moving, twisting and sometimes anchored visit mainland. In the end, no waste remaining dissolved in the cradle and companion of the waves that dynamically.

Although in the end nature still leaves the glass, however no longer be garbage ... .... they have faced, like the dazzling gems. Maybe, that's the way of nature appreciate humans who have previously made efforts.


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