Tourism Billitung, Hotel and Aircraft Still Limited

Since the novel and film Laskar Pelangi won fame among the public, Indonesia get impact from Belitung. Each year, more and more tourists coming to the Belitung. On weekends, the number of tourists coming reached its peak.

According to the head of Department of culture and tourism, Great Coat Belitung Guido, tourists who want to to the Belitung in the weekend should have gotten hotel and plane ticket before departing.

"To the Belitung on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, make sure can and return ticket, as is usually hard to find him. Moreover, as the month of may until July, when the school holidays, a little hard search for hotels, "he said in Tanjung Pandan, Belitung-capital, Friday (4/5/2012).

He acknowledged the number of hotel rooms in Belitung is still limited, if compared to the growing number of tourists who come to the Belitung. In addition to the limitations of the room, about the limitations of suit, the constraints of the capacity of the aircraft.

"In 2010, the arrival of tourists as much as 50,000. In 2011, 83.000 people. Our Target this year is 100,000, "he said.

Jas explains, in Belitung is a six-star hotel. In the near future, Aston will be inaugurated the hotel with a capacity of 140 rooms. Additionally, Aerowisata also build the resort.

"Since tourism is increasing, many of which create a homestay in Tanjung Pandan or near tourist places," said suit.

Meanwhile, for aircraft flying the route Jakarta-Tanjung Pandan as much as five times the flight within a day. It's just that, according to the suit, often times travelers from Jakarta could not distinguish by the name Cape made of other areas.

"Many who stray into the base of the Pinang (Bangka) and Tanjung Pinang (Riau Islands). There are 5 flight a day. Srivijaya was four times, once to Batavia. It uses Boeing 737 aircraft, "he said.

Belitung district underwent expansion in 2000 to become the parent and Belitung Belitung Regency to the East. According to the suit, the Department is working with the East Belitung to do development in the tourism sector.

"Therefore, the tourism sector has become one of the leading sectors of the economy, other than fisheries and maritime, and transportation," he said.

Jas said it was still counting on nautical tours with small beaches. Tourism is one of the icons of the lighthouse in the Netherlands remains the island of Galangal.

"The lighthouse was built in 1882 by the Netherlands and still active. Journey to the island of Galangal and 30 minutes along the way will see the small islands and the island of sand, "he said.

In addition, other favorite sights is the Cape high. The suit also said, the culinary tourism becomes one focus of the development of tourism. On Friday (4/5/2012), inaugurated the Center culinary of Belitung's specialties at the bus terminal.

"The day the bus terminal, the culinary Center at night. Typical culinary of Belitung as gangan and boiled noodles, "he said.

The other is cultural tourism potential. Therefore, the community is multiethnic Belitung. So, many of the cultural arts in Belitung came from other areas, as well as original art Belitung.


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