The Myriad Benefits of Brown Sugar for the Birds

The myriad benefits of brown sugar for the birds. Brown sugar, either made from coconuts and Palm, it is good to prevent birds from the possibility of developing the disease. You can give it to the birds as much as two times a week, by the way, and the water in the warm water.
The benefits of Sugar for the birds


Brown sugar is actually a processed feed that has a fairly complete nutritional content, ranging from carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Brown sugar consumption can strengthen antipatogenik factor (FAP) or immune factors.

FAP is the opposite of pathogenic factors (FP), or the factors that may cause pain or birds contracted the disease. If FAP lost or unable to confront the FP, then the bird is said to be in pain or having a disease. Conversely, if FAP could beat FP, then the birds in a healthy state.

To prevent the birds from being ill or stricken with the disease, or penangkar-keepers must strengthen the FAP. One of them is through the giving of a solution of sugar. So it's not the brown sugar cure to cure diseases, but rather an effort to prevent the disease.

Of course this effort alone is not enough, because FAP is the accumulation of a variety of factors. Similarly, FP which is a combination of various factors. So, when the factors are gathered in the FP, surely more FAP will lose so that the birds had fallen ill.

That's why, another attempt to prevent the birds from being sick should still be carried out, among others, provide balanced feed, clean drinking water, and good environmental management. The vaccination Program could also strengthen the FAP. Unfortunately, this is less socialized among chirping mania, but already popular among chicken breeders.

Supplements to strengthen the FAP

On the market sold a variety of supplements that are capable of reinforcing FAP, so could decrease the likelihood of a bird stricken with the disease. Some supplements are often recommended bird enthusiasts in Indonesia among others.

1. BirdVit

The content of BirdVit is composed of a multivitamin and multimineral in form of powder/flour special birds. The main vitamins include A, B1, B2, B3 (nicotinamide), B6, B12, D3, E, and K3. There is also the essential substances such as DL Methionine, L-Lysine HCl, folic acid (folate) which includes one form of vitamin B, and D-Ca Pantothenate.

While the main mineral composed of potassium chlorida, sodium chlorida, magnesium sulfate, manganese sulfate, iron sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, cobalt sulfate.

With a composition like this, BirdVit is indeed unreliable as a supplement to the daily care of the bird so that it is always healthy. But, look at the composition of it all, it's understandable if BirdVit can also treat various diseases due to the disefisiensi function of the organ. For example birds pallor, lack of passion (nyekukukruk), lazy Twitter, less power, mental drop, and so on.

2. BirdFine

True to its name, BirdFine is designed to ensure or make the birds have always been in good health. Its main contents include vitamin B12, multivitamin, multimineral, and essential amino acids.

Although its main goal resolve the various problems of the birds, in fact, BirdFine can be used to maintain a condition of birds in order to keep fit. As for the problem of birds which can be overcome by granting BirdFine, among others, could never fit, thin body due to anemia, underweight or malnourished after mabung, or birds that only just recovered from illness.

3. BirdShout

BirdShout/BST multivitamin and multimineral consist of liquid, are equipped with other supplements that complete and balanced. The second component is a factor of the amplifier so that the FAP birds have the staying power that much better, so the potential of developing into a drop drastically.

Season changes often cause birds (also other poultry such as chickens and quail) easy pain and stress. With the existence of the amplifier, the potential pain can FAP descended on the lowest level.

See composition, BirdShout also contains active ingredients that are special to make fresh birds fit and willing to Twitter as well as stabilize the performance of the birds. So, you will get two benefits simultaneously: bird became relatively resistant to gacor and disease.

Once again, the granting of brown sugar on a regular basis can strengthen the FAP so can "beat" but considering the factor FP. Shaper FAP and FP is pretty much fixed, it is advisable to use supplements to ensure the birds are always in a condition fit and healthy.


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