Tantalizing Opportunities Chicken Livestock Businesses This Year

Tantalizing Opportunities Chicken Livestock Businesses This Year. who's got the long tail is not just stone magpies lho viewers, but the long tail chickens editor this release is an ornamental chicken a lot of fans anyway. Decorative chicken livestock Onagodori is a new opportunity that can be in the lyrics as one hobby that can bring in money.

How about not promising, as currently Onagodori in New Home breeders there is 4 people. talk about the price of chicken at this one Onagodori the saplings price wao from 1-2 months alone could reach Rp 2 million/the argillaceous subsoil explains that profits will be achieved.

According to one breeder Onagodori, Dwi Susanto, the prospect of very large Onagodori. This has been proved by the number of orders it coming from different regions, such as East Java, Jakarta and Lampung.

"Until now I have not been able to meet the demand of the market, because the order is pretty much even I get overwhelmed orders" said Dwi to majalahburungpas.com. Every there are chicks just a short time directly brought shoppers "said student Department of karawitan.

More Dwi Onagodori said, is an ornamental chicken originating from Japan Sakura. The long tail is adjacent the corpulent menggemarinya, even in its home country is 13 meters, well it's the allure of the hobbyists. But due to the influence of the tropical weather, a Onagodori tail diternakan in Indonesia only has average length of 3 metres.

"The actual poultry Onagodori life in the cold air. Onagodori, in Japan, is also one of protected wildlife because wildlife was almost extinct, "he explained.

She says, the Onagodori entry to Indonesia in 1986, where Onagodori is the souvenirs of Japan PRIME MINISTER to the mother of Tien Suharto, as many as 2 pairs are then kept in TamanMini Indonesia Indah (TMII). However in the prjalanan time line Onagodori came into the hands of collectors. "I get the Onagodori teens also from a collector in Jakarta for $ 7 million" sambungnya.

Livestock also Shokoku and Bantam Phoenix

In addition to the Onagodori, pioneered the Dwi Susanto, is also raising chickens and other Japan, namely ornamental Shokoku and Bantam Phoenix. He outlines, Shokoku meaning singing this is the mutation of the chicken from Yokohama that have characterized by shrill kokoknya. While Phoenix is the chicken Bantam is also long-tailed but body smaller.

batam phoenix

Dwi pleaded for time keeping new Shokoku only 2 pairs as well as the Phoenix Bantam 1 set (1 male, 2 females). However, although still a little chicken's second of this type will already be laying so that he was sure the chicken hiasnya collection will soon be added.

"Among the three types of ornamental chickens from the land of the rising sun this according to my observation, the Phoenix is the ornamental chicken Bantam at best. And it also can be more expensive. Imagine the price Bantam chicks Phoenix could reach us $ 4-5 million/install "sambungnya back.

Even though it is a rare ornamental chickens, Dwi hope, either Onagodori, or the Phoenix Bantam Shokoku, within two years the predictions may be booming, it has no indication that its mark was getting much to cultivate, as such when it is fast growing and ornamental chickens can be preserved in Indonesia. light of Dwi Susanto,


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