Tanjung Ringgit, Nuance's Prettiest End Lombok

Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara will not offer endless beauty. In each of its corners is a paradise, such as the Tanjung Ringgit is on the southeastern end of this beautiful island.

Uluwatu in Bali is not only offering exotic cliffs and spoil the visitors. Lombok also got! Tanjung Ringgit, she took a three-hour journey to get here from the city of Mataram.

Tanjung Ringgit is off in the Indian Ocean. Many exotic seaside promontory, white sand and seawater yag is blue, becoming its appeal. In addition, Tanjung Ringgit has historical site relics from the Netherlands and Japan's colonization in Indonesia.

Of the many beauties of existing Tanjung Ringgit, there is some uniqueness that we can meet here, you know. Down from the hills to the sea is not difficult. There is a hallway that could break through the hills. From there we can go down to the sea by bypassing the steps from the hallway. The course is a bit steep so be careful because the wind was very strong.

After being down, we could have a closer look at the fresh water wells that lie directly beneath the walls of the cliff. Yes, there is a well of fresh water at the seaside. Unique!

In this area there is also a tree named the tree of heaven. Given a name tree of Heaven because there is only one tree in this place. On the tree is planted at the break of the visitor can heat or rain. From here we can also enjoy the view of Tanjung Ringgit is amazingly beautiful.

On the walls of the cliffs to the West, which includes the Cape's most exotic, there is a painting made of grass growing on the cliff wall. This Panorama seems to bring us in an atmosphere of Bali island.

Uniquely, consider sand and coral reefs which appear in a sea of Tanjung Ringgit, we can find and see it may be God, please prove it! In addition to its uniqueness, we here can also make a tour of history.

Physical evidence remains of Netherlands and Japan can still be found here, such as the Netherlands heritage lighthouses that are still active to this day. According to the community who accompany us, formerly Tanjung Ringgit is the defence of the Netherlands and Japan in the southern region. Here there are actually two pieces of Cannon to Japan, it's just that one gun was revoked by the most influential people in the area and kept in a place.

In addition, there are also defensive trenches which is now overgrown with scrub. The most curious, is a mound of soil around the cannon with two Windows that are at ground level. May, under this mound is an imposing building which was buried, who know the building that was once buried in the center of Defense made by Japan or the Netherlands.

Continuing to the South, it is located at the end of the second Hill, there is a very beautiful caves and still gaping. The name Goa giants, the cave was also used by Japan as a stronghold. These caves can penetrate into the sea, unfortunately we couldn't go much deeper because of constrained tool.

Yes, this is because the deeper the cave grew darker. Currently, according to the local community, in the cave there is a freshwater pool that is often used for bathing by the visitors.


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