Tangsi, Pink Sand Beach is Very Beautiful in Lombok

This Pink Beach during which most people know only exists in Indonesia Flores, NTT. Lombok also has turned out, lho! He's Pink Beach aka Tangsi Beach in Jerowaru, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

It used to be Pink Beach is known as the coast Tangsi. The beach in the village of Pemongkong, Jerowaru this is just the coast transit to Fisher-fishermen who came from a village Outside Tanjung, Keruak.

It lies hidden, down from the main road, travelers still have to traverse a distance of 200 meters and dropped to the ground which is perforated. Not many would have thought that the beach is now turned into Tangsi Pink Beach is now visited by the public. Not only the East Lombok community alone, but rather a traveler from out East Lombok also flocked to spend weekend at this lovely beach.

Routes to Pink Beach, tourists seem to split the Sekaroh protected forest. Tourists must traverse a distance of about 10 km from the Centre of the village of Pemongkong with perforated asphalt road passes and enough stomach churn if we are not accustomed to the road like this. Not infrequently we'll cross paths with luxury vehicles. Yes, because the current Pink Beach being the new Prima Donna in Lombok.

For reporting purposes the provision it is strongly recommended you bring right from home or buying used to be in Jerowaru Subdistrict Centre stalls. This is because selling along the protected forest Sekaroh this is still rare.

Why is called Pink Beach? We will know after setting foot in the sand. The sand on the beach looks pink. The color pink on the sand of this beach is because of white sand that fused with a grain-grain red coral and affecting the redness after mixed with sea water. Then the reflection of sunlight make the pink color on the sand is increasingly visible. Red coral grows in shallow water Beach waves washed into Tangsi and ledges.

The beauty of the Pink Beach also looks perfect with the expanse of the surrounding hills. On the left side there is a hill with vast pastures and from the Hill's view of the Pink Beach looks very beautiful. In addition, there is also an exotic promontory on the right side with a gazebo that is provided on top of it.

Don't stop there, the underwater natural beauty Pink Beach is also perfect with the presence of coral reefs and the animals. With calm waves, the snorkeling activity that fits in the becomes this beach. But alas, some clusters of coral reefs have been damaged due to start the activity of local fishermen.

Not enough to enjoy the natural beauty of the Pink Beach, we can also hire local fishing boats to get around in small islands cluster (Gili) which is about 2 miles from the lip of the Pink Beach. The fare is only $ 1 per person and the boat can seat about 10-12 people.

In addition, there is also a cave relic on the hill side of middle Japan Pink Beach. The cave is similar to the legacy of Japan caves in West Sumatra and elsewhere in Indonesia, has a diameter of about 1.5 meters.

But alas, this cave is less well maintained and overgrown shrubs. Supposedly this is where Japan cave bersembunyinya Japan's Army during World War II, because nearly all the caves in the region Japan Indonesia has the same characteristics and functions, namely as a hiding place.


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