Takpala, "Mountain" Great Unifier Alor

By Kornelis Kewa Ama

Takpala is located in the Western District of Overtime Alor Tengah, Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. This village has an old history as a unifying all tribes in Alor. Takpala means mount the source strength and for unifying the tribes in Alor.

The way uphill with a slope of 40 degrees and perforated. Asphalt chipped basin-forming small basins. There are roads left-right home – houses of local ingredients, half of the concrete. Friendly enough citizens rebuked the guests pass by. They understand, that comes is a tourist, to the indigenous village Takpala.

Menjangkaui kampung adat was not difficult. The journey from Kalabahi, (county seat), simply takes about 30 minutes, or four-wheeled motorcycles. At Km 10 of Kalabahi, there is a Board on the right side of the road that reads, "In a traditional Village Takpala, 200 metres".

Three quarters of the

There are three major indigenous tribes inhabiting the village, namely Aweny Takpala, plays as a King. Aweny has a few small tribes include Kafelkay, Lema, and Kafolakani. The Marang as the spokesperson for the customs with two clans namely Atama and Yetimau. Tribe Kapitang (a war) with the surname Heitingkai.

Indigenous village guards Takpala, Martinus Kafelkai, Alor Takpala, Friday (30/9/2012), said, the indigenous village Takpala as a symbol of the greatness of the tribe "Abuy" as the Coordinator of the tribes on the island of Alor. Therefore Takpala by local citizens called the "great mountain".

The tribe is in the shade has 52 languages Takpala areas or 52 people. Local languages are different from each other. But among 52 local languages, one of which is the language of Lamaholot (East Flores Regency, Lembata, and most of the Alor). Scope of users of regional language Lamaholot almost 30 per cent of the entire territory of Alor.

When the Compass arrives at the village, there are two foreign tourists who have a three-day stay at this location. Citizens provides a single unit House, exclusively for guests, free of charge. Both are called Steven and Johan, and Scotland. Steven confessed to ever come to the year 2010 and stay with people for five days.

"I came for the Pantar Strait submarine. My friend, Johan, I invite from Bali. Incidentally he also wants submarines so we equally to Alor. Today we have already, today we dive into kampungs Takpala, "explained Steven.

First, each guest is great especially the King of the neighbors who paid a visit to Alor, picked up and escorted Kapitang. They have the ability to fight a tougher, smarter, assessed and never give up.

Now, every guest can be received every Member of the tribe in the village. There is no special guard officer. There has been no retribution. Right in the corner of the village there is the inscription, "this is a traditional village Takpala, please come in."

Dozens of villagers were busy hauling road a mile toward the village. The visitors were forced to park their vehicles for about 70 meters from the village. The way it was financed with a GRANT from 2012 Alor Usd 350 million.

Source of power

Kampung adat is believed as a source of strength for the tribes who take shelter in it. Magical powers were still embraced in society. There are stored a number of traditional tools such as machetes, Spears, bows, and arrows are believed to fly himself to banish the invading enemy.

Until the 1970s, in this village there is a mystical power-magical. There are certain people believed to be able to fly across some mountains and at the same time, by means of bridges or Island mountain. Now, that ability starting sirna, except far inland Alor, untouched technology or progress.

Takpala has seven units with a traditional house traditional house in the Center. The traditional House is called "Kolwal Kanurat", measuring 3 x 3 meters. However it is believed to be very sacred. In Kolwal Kanurat there are Spears, machetes, bows and arrows, a legacy of their ancestors. Not all members of the public can approach the traditional House.

Darius Yetimau, local customs figures claimed the House in kampung adat was built using natural materials. Houses built according to traditional structures, called Falafaka. Falafaka has five levels. The first level of the stage, a place to receive guests, consulted, and beds. This stage made of bamboo or wood, then unfolded the mat that teranyam of the Friar.

The second level for kitchen Cookware. The third level is a bedroom for women, the fourth level of storing food, and the fifth to keep the moko and gong tradition. The last level is believed also as ancestral residence.

Building materials this House never use nails, zinc, or iron. There is a belief that the results of the factory took no shade, a sense of comfort and peace for the residents of the House.

"Kampung adat Takpala inhabited 13 families or about 36 people. They are the progenitors of the derivatives Takpala with three tribes inhabit in it, "explained Yetimau.
Although only 13 families, but the moment the solemnization of indigenous peoples, small and quiet village suddenly crowded. This village is located on the Hill sash, or around 100 Takpala mdpl.

Every June 20, celebrated the ceremony of "Tifoltol", meaning a new planting. The ceremony is in preparation for the planting season. The seeds of rice and corn prepared after the direciki of water, which is taken directly from the Spring Hill Takpala, about 2 km from the village. Each of the residents of surrounding villages carrying seeds, farming tools, placed in and around the custom homes, said Chairman of the indigenous peoples.

After the ceremony, residents set up the land. They use the tools of agriculture which is also already being prayed for by the indigenous peoples.

"The purpose is to make farmers who set up agricultural land were not injured, no plague or pest plants, or no interruptions during the process of land preparation. The workers themselves should have an honest heart attitude, don't serobot the land of local people, burned forests, and made peace with the neighbors as well as the need to make peace with the man who was previously regarded as the enemy, "said Yetimau.


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