Seek Shade in The Cave of Maria Belinyu

As if all religions have their place on the island of Bangka, Bangka Belitung Islands province. Major religions in Indonesia has its own icons on the island. Each place of worship became a visiting religion for his people.

One of them is "Protective Cave of Maria all Nations" in the way Safyri Rahman, Belinyu, Bangka. This place of worship to be stops on the pilgrimage for Catholics in Indonesia. Some churches, mainly in Java and Sumatra Islands, many of which schedule a religious visit to the cave.

However, not only the Catholics who are enamored with it, even many travellers cross religion that accidentally came into the cave of Maria. As the name implies, the "Cave of Maria protector of all Nations", Mary was like opening his house for anyone regardless of religious background.

Due to its location in this cave of Maria Belinyu, often also called Cave of Maria Belinyu. Tourists who come usually just to look around and berfoto-foto in this place. Yes, it can be said it is so beautiful. Moreover, its location is on a hill, made by its atmosphere is cool.

"Hectic during the month of Mary in May and October," said Yohannes Karmaen from "Cave of Maria protector of all Nations".

According to him, during the month of Mary, the people who come to worship reached thousands. Many more pilgrims coming from outside of Bangka. However, beyond the month of Mary, Mary cave is visited especially on Saturday and Sunday.

"The people of Australia, China, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Poland, 've been to here. So it go international. If local groups of the Catholic Church from Palembang, South Sumatra, has ever come from Bali, "explains John.

He added some people believe if you pray in the "Cave of Maria protector of all Nations", then surely his prayer answered. Although Goa Maria Belinyu a place of worship for the Catholic faithful, but the place is open to the public.

"Here there is no security guard post on purpose, because it is open to all religions. So free entry and not exclusive just for Catholics. Many non Catholics here, "he explained.

Formerly, the hill where the cave was a place to stand, while Japan's colonization of the residents fleeing. Yohannes claimed that the Hill is the heart Belinyu. Since the 1980s, the church looking for a location to create a cave of Maria.

"One family gave the land to the Church," the story of Yohannes.

If you pay a visit to the cave of Mary, at the time of the month of Mary, you could see the hustle of running the service. Light the candles and prayed in front of Mary. Uniquely, this cave was built by a muslim from Palembang. This is one form of interreligious harmony in Bangka.


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