Rely Wakatobi Diving and Creative Industries

Director General-Ministry of tourism development of Tourism Destinations and the Creative Economy Industry, Firmansyah, said tourism Wakatobi, South East Sulawesi, only two can be sold, i.e. diving trips and the creative industries.

Ministry of tourism will help market both kinds of Wakatobi's tourism to different countries, especially European countries, "said Firmansyah, Wangiwangi, Friday (4/5/2012).

According to the Director General, marine area located in the South-Center of the triangle the coral reefs of the world, has a beautiful underwater nature is so amazing.

In order for the region to have an attraction for many tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists, then there are four issues which must be addressed. First, the infrastructure that supports tourism such as marina Manager, hospitality, diving and so on.

Second, its natural beauty should continue to be fixed having regard to the principles of sustainable environmental management and sustainability. Third, citizens should be friendly and able to be guided-tour guides who can explain to tourists of natural beauty under the sea in the South.

Fourth, Firmansyah, should be further create the conditions that can make tourists feel comfortable to come and stay stay at Wakatobi. "To make the Wakatobi has an attraction for the tourists, the fourth it is absolutely to be prepared in the South," he said.

The word exposed, if the tourists had been interested in visiting in the South, then to grow the economy of society, must be creative economy industry development as a craft that could be souvenirs for tourists when they return to their respective countries.

"The Economic Potential of creative industries in the South is very large because it has ample sea area which has many shellfish could have developed into the craft of high economic value," he said.


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