Photos and Facts About The Two-Headed Bird

Photos and facts about the two-headed Bird.
 Some birds who experience an abnormality mutation that was born with two heads has been documented. Not long ago successfully shooted at pula a pelicans flying across a delta in Ukraine. Vladimir Kucherenko accidentally photographed figure of pelicans in the Danube delta is named. He then realized the bird turns out to have two heads.
Pelicans, two-headed
Burung pelikan berkepala dua
Pelicans, two-headed

The Danube alone is known as the delta became the residence of the 300 species of birds in Europe. Vladimir went there at the beginning of this month to hunt wildlife photos. At the time he saw a Pelican flying across the sky and crank memotretnya.

The physical condition is not uncommon pelikan briefly unconscious Vladimir on location photo shoots. The 57-year-old photographer recently noticed after looking at the photo in his home in Odessa. The bird looks weird to have two heads are lined up.

Pelicans unique found Vladimir this is not the first reported. Last August a woman also claimed to see a two-headed Pelican walk on the beach in the town of Seaside, California.

Previously, this blog has also published articles about the two-headed bird chicks and abandon its parent and have to live on their own and found April Britt – resident of Northampton, United Kingdom. Check the article two-headed with a three part, sorry for the bird's right. This is the picture:
  Burung berkepala dua dengan tiga paruh


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