Pangkal Pinang-Indonesia, Rich History, Devoid Of Tourists

Islands of Bangka Belitung province, famous for the beauty of its beaches. Moreover, since the novel's fame and KRS with the backdrop of Belitung. Tourists who come to this province.

However, not only has a beach of Bangka. Bangka is rich in history, especially the city of Pangkal-Pinang which has been developing since the year 1757 when the Sultanate of Palembang city building.

"Tin mines at the base of the Areca Nut already since that time. Then the VOC developed tin mining, then the United Kingdom. In 1914, the United Kingdom Government the transition to the Netherlands, "said head of Department of culture, tourism, youth, and sports (Disparbudpora) the city of Pangkal-Pinang Akhmad Elvian told on the base of the betel nut, Friday (4/5/2012).

Therefore, according to history, tour the Elvian became one focus of tourism development at the base of the areca nut. So, he continued, there are 21 buildings and historic sites at the base of the areca nut.

"There is an old church in front of the square that became the point of zero. Ago residentiary House Netherlands officials and Tamansari Wilhelmina next to it. This new around the square, "he said.

Unfortunately, this history tourism potential has not been popular with tourists. In comparison, the data reveal Elvian last year, more than 700 foreign tourists who come to the base of the betel nut.

This figure is relatively low, given the Netherlands love to do "the nice up" and historical tourism in Indonesia. Moreover, there are two kerkhof (Netherlands grave) at the base. The Disbudparpora base of the Pinang even has a complete list of gravestones in the cemetery, so suitable for sights for the Netherlands.

"It's still a little bit, because we were just starting to promote it. Our recent arrival 15 travel agents from the Netherlands for the fam trip. The plan we will join the province Disbudpar Netherlands, "he explained.

The tour operator from the Netherlands who invited regional Governments had made a pilgrimage to the grave of the Netherlands. In addition, their arrival as well in order to make the package tour history at the base of the betel nut.

According to the observations of the, the conditions in the schools don't kerkhof manicured. Many of the headstones are not named and Mossy. In addition to the merdeka square is loaded with historic sites, other historical tourism can Lead the Museum and houses the relics of Netherlands in the way of the gods, Tamansari Bun.


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