Mystery on Lake Red Water Color Pagaralam, Bengkulu

Lake Pagaralam, Bengkulu

It had a horrendous local citizens because of an unusual colour. Yes, the Lake has a blood red colour Pagaralam.

The Lake is located in the hills surrounding Pagaralam Raje Mandare, the border between the town of Pagaralam and Kaur, province of Bengkulu. The uniqueness of this Lake due to surface waters are red like blood.

The Lake was discovered by local residents in 2010, when a group of residents doing expeditions to the forest area and the Hill Rimbacandi. Oddly, though from the outside such as blood red in colour, when appointed water colored as always. At night, the location of this scented pandan Lake.

In this place there are endangered as giant centipedes width 30 cm and 50 cm long, bird of the Giants, as well as the Buffalo his ears filled with honeycomb. And even more amazingly, the average animal in this spot is benign.

To get to this place, it takes approximately 1 day trip from the city centre. The reason, the path to its location still have not touched the hand of the Government.


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