Macau, State Net Present Thousands of Dreams

A trip to one of the other megaproperti complexes, the Venetian, the eyes will soon be fooled with a game of lights and color effects on the ceiling is very high. The ceiling as if replacing the real sky that will give the effect of outer space.

The unique thing is, when you come to it during the day, then the effects of light and color on the ceiling will give the impression of the night, otherwise when the evening comes, then the visitor will be given effect to during the day.

Visitors will lose the orientation time. Under the sky of such artificial Canal stretches a la Venice. Visitors can rent a gondola with pengayuhnya who will sing in Venice like seriosa.

The Casino and its culture

After enjoying views of Macau from the "lighter" side, let's see the serious side of Macau, the Casino. Macau casino as if the culture that is intertwined. As for its visitors is the fruit of the culture itself. All are interconnected and will feel awkward when one without the other.

The Casino business grew rapidly because it pitted the fortunes at the gaming tables has grown as a part of the culture there. Therefore, when I go into it, visitors enjoy a wide variety of casino games pitted the fortunes of this visible coming from various social layers, as well as different races.

They played a late-starting crank, filling just hundreds of dollars of Hong Kong at the slot machine, to the who put hundreds of thousands of dollars on the first bidding in front of dealer baccarat. All dissolved in the world respectively.

When ever they decide to linger, there was also a problem. In it they are non smoking. The Casino is practically the only area of the non-smoking hotel in Macau. Drinks were served.

In fact, Macau will not finish in a three-day visit. Macau continues to establish itself among the rushing deserves world class failed. Many world class events take place in Macau. Call it a race and competition, including the fast-car shootout.

Macau also sells natural and cultural tourism. A variety of beautiful garden ready to be visited, as well as a variety of museums of local history. One is always crowded tourist destination is the facade of the Church of Saint Pauls.

Allegedly, the facade of this church survives from the massive earthquake that shook Macau so as to signify the Church's privileges. However, the other point of view says that this facade survives because of its material composition is most appropriate. Meanwhile, other parts of the collapsed so only because the composition of the material.

"Maybe dikorupsi," said a friend with a tone of facetious.

I dunno, the beautiful facade of a clear backdrop for photo session. Because just take advantage of the weekend, then inevitably Macau should be "resolved" within the next three days. With a heavy heart, even stepped foot into the ferry which will deliver directly to the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

Scrip Home 120 Hong Kong dollar

Goodbye Macau, I will tell you a lot of presumably to a friend who asked why I chose to visit here. Oya, thank you for 120 Hong Kong dollar given to me and the other at HKIA-Macau visitors.

It is true that the money the visitors themselves. However, how Macau's smallest thing to think of. The money became the provision had been a visitor to Macau, which lost out in the Casino.

With the money, at least the visitors of Macau will not be abandoned to starve at HKIA. Because I do not gamble, then okay for a carton of duty free's famous chocolate HKIA.

Safrita Ayu Hermawan


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