List of City Loved Foreign Tourists

List of city loved Foreign Tourists
What makes a city loved foreign tourists who visit it? The reason could be very diverse; interesting tourist attractions, accommodations, cheap prices, and more.

Check out his review of the following, as quoted from CNNGo:

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo became one of the city's beloved world travelers not for buildings and bright lights in Shibuya, and modern views of the garden blossoms. Tokyo is loved because despite being one of the most modern cities in the world, the city is still upholding the Customs and traditions. One is the tradition of bowing to say thank you, especially at strangers.

Petra, Jordan

On August 22, 1812, an adventurer from Switzerland to seduce Bedouin to memandunya walking towards the Gorge in the deserts of Arabia. This is where the adventurers finally managed to find Petra, a city that is lost.

Two centuries later, the ruins of the city that was carved in the Canyon became a tourist attraction which was often accosted by the archaeological and foreign tourists from all over the world. As a world heritage site, Petra became the largest and most popular tourist attractions in Jordan, and in August 2012 will celebrate its 200th.

Shanghai, China

Since the 1930s, the city of Shanghai has been dubbed the Paris of the East by Western tourists. Today, the city's busiest and richest in China is becoming the gateway to the industry and the economy of the country.

Even though it has advanced and filled with modern skyscrapers, you'll feel the nuance of the Shanghai oriental, especially with the streets.


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