History Traveled to The Tomb of Pharaoh's Daughter

CAIRO-archaeologists that came from the Czech Republic has found burials which was 4500 years. The tomb was found in the southern part of Cairo is thought to be the tomb of Pharaoh's daughter.

Ancient Egypt reveal ministries if the tomb of the daughter of Shert Nebti is surrounded by four other tombs. The tomb is the tomb of fourth of high officials in the fifth dynasty in 2500 BC in the Sir Abu complex located near the famous pyramids of Saqqara.

"Further Excavations must be done before it can be opened to the public," said Mohammed El-Bialy, an official of the Ministry.

"Tomb of the Princess's future Space includes four columns of limestone and hieroglyphic inscriptions," said Minister of old Egypt, Mohammed Ibrahim, as offered from News, Sunday (4/11/2012).

This discovery so important for Egypt's tourism. It is expected to be one of the factors that can raise the tourism sector of Egypt after suffering internal unrest when the rebellion conducted to overthrow Hosni Mubarak in 2011.


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