Government Targets Tana Toraja So New Heritage

Government Targets Tana Toraja So New Heritage
Makassar- head of Department of transport of South Sulawesi, said the Airport's construction from Sultan Masykur Deadlocked Toraja Regency Kunik should soon be finalised in 2014. Therefore, the Central Government through the Ministry of education and culture will also build New Heritage Toraja (Toraja new culture center of excellence).

"The airport is one that supports the existence of New Heritage Toraja," said Masykur, via telephone line, Monday, October 8.

Department of transport of South Sulawesi, were involved in the deliberations of the project because the new cultural center of excellence must be supported with the Toraja adequate transportation access. Because of that, said his Department, Masykur together with the Ministry of education for culture is working with local authorities crafting New masterplan Toraja Toraja Heritage.

"Masterplannya are discussed together, so when the time to the start of the project, later after everything is finished," said Masykur.

New Heritage development plan, according to Torajan Masykur, to restore the predicate as the area of Toraja culture. Because Torajans, formerly known as the area has a diverse culture and became one of the points that attract many tourists. "The Government will establish a center of excellence of this new culture to preserve culture-a culture that's there," he said.

Masykur tells us, in early 2013, the construction of the airport began. Currently, it is still in the process of maturation of the land. The maturation of the land requires a budget of Rp 200 billion from the STATE BUDGET, but the newly disbursed of Rp 50 billion. Masykur was reluctant to explain in detail the use of the funds of Rp 200 billion.

He continued, the total investment of the airport construction amounted to IDR 700 billion from the STATE BUDGET. He said, there is also funding from the provincial government and the Government of the Regency. But, he declined to mention the magnitude of the Fund prepared in South Sulawesi PROVINCE and Toraja.

Center of excellence for the development of a new culture, he went on, the Government is setting up an area of Toraja 300 hectares. The airport's position was in the siege of the New Heritage Toraja. So, for tourists from abroad and within the country can see directly the new cultural center of excellence. "Tourists from outside such as Singapore, Malaysia, you can go to the Toraja," he said.

The head of tourism of South Sulawesi, the mighty Mallombasi has yet to be asked for confirmation. He was in Jakarta. However, a spokesman for the provincial Government of South Sulawesi, Agus Sumanteri, said the plan to build a new Cultural Center of excellence is part of Toraja tour program of South Sulawesi. With the existence of this cultural center, then the Government has indirectly sought prosperity for the people of Toraja. "The construction of this cultural centre must be supported with the airport," said Agus.


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