Exploit The Natural Beauty Of The Coast Bandengan Jepara

Exploit The Natural Beauty Of The Coast Bandengan Jepara
Pantai Bandengan Jepara Regency is located in Northern, Central Java. The beach is located on the coast north of the line of Java this is quite an interesting attractions to visit. Every holiday season, the beach is always crowded tourists both local and foreign tourists. This beach is also known as the Ocean Beach Water tourist excellence in Jepara, the birthplace of national hero R.A. Kartini
Bandengan Beach History

According to the story of hereditary, the name first given Bandengan Beach by the son of Sunan Muria namely Amir Hasan while traveling to the developing science of religion Karimunjawa. When it comes to the beach, they find many fish Whitefish so the area is named after the village of Bandengan. There are beaches in the village finally named Bandengan Beach.

On the beach is also a favorite place of national hero who started women's emancipation i.e. r.a. Kartini who was the daughter of Regent of Jepara at the time. R.a. Kartini often go to the beach along the Netherlands at that time.

Lush white sand beach

You can enjoy a panoramic view of the beach and the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. In addition, you can also enjoy the shady trees pandanus shrubs or trees along the coast Bandengan Jepara or also known as Ocean Beach Tirta. Bandengan Beach has ramps and coastal structure of crystal clear water and clean. Therefore it is suitable to be tourist attractions such as beaches, swim, play beach volleyball, boating, or just cycling on the edge of the beach.

In addition, the condition of the northern coast of Java, the relative calm to make it relatively safe to enjoy games on the edge of the sea and swimming. Even when you dip yourself into the clear sea water, you can see the small fish are running around at the bottom of the sea water.

Bandengan Beach frequented because of its unique atmosphere. You can find an extensive white sand beaches. Then you can also enjoy the beauty of the crystal clear sea water. And what's interesting is the expanse of lush green trees around the beach. This certainly makes the atmosphere on the beach Bandengan so cool and comfortable. The beauty of the beaches here are able to compete with the beauty of the beaches in Bali.

You can also visit the island in the middle of the sea from the beach Bandengan. The island that you can visit from here that is Long Island. On this island You can see beautiful natural wealth that is an interesting flora and fauna. You can visit this island with a relatively inexpensive cost. You can also drive around the coast by renting a boat or ship that is ready to take you around the beach while enjoying the natural beauty on the beach Bandengan.

Bandengan Jepara coast Sunset
Tirta Beach Ocean

After enjoying an exciting range of games on the beach Bandengan until dusk, it's time you enjoyed a dazzling performances at this beach. This is a stunning natural performances, i.e. the process of the setting sun or sunset. You can admire the beauty of the Sun at the time to his rest in the evening. The reflection of the Sun's light dims seen in sea water with quiet waves on the beach this Bandengan. Moments like this are often perpetuated by the photographers who happened to stop by on the beach Bandengan Jepara.

You can also enjoy a panoramic view of the sunset or sunset while enjoying the food that is served in the restaurant on shore Bandengan. One of the best known restaurant in this beach is Sunset Beach Restaurant that was founded by citizens of Italy which has the wife of the local population. The restaurant is frequented by foreign tourists. You can enjoy a pizza which is a typical food of Italy, Indonesia as well as seafood dishes while enjoying the beauty of the panoramic view of the sunset and hear the waves of the sea on the edge of the beach. If you eat at one of the restaurants on the beach Bandengan, then you can go for free to the tourist Beaches Bandengan.

If you are tired and want to take a break, on the coast of Bandengan also offered lodgings or villas that can be rented. After resting at night, in the morning you can also enjoy the panoramic view of the sunrise on the beach Bandengan.

Bandengan Beach attractions are not difficult to visit. Jepara Regency Government has provided a good road facilities as well as easy-to-transport to the beach and attractions Bandengan. So, if you're in Central Java, it doesn't hurt You to Jepara. While viewing the beauty typical of Jepara carving, you can also stop by the tourism, the mainstay of Jepara Regency i.e. Bandengan Beach or Beach, also known as Ocean Water.


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