Exciting! Canoeing Exploring Senggigi Beach

Not just to relax, Senggigi Beach Lombok, NTB also can be enjoyed with a canoe. There is a sensation of driving this little boat by keeping the balance. An Exclamation Point!

Visit Lombok Sumbawa 2012, that's the slogan that I encountered when setting foot on the island of Lombok, NTB. The island of ' twinning ' Bali does have a nature that is very beautiful and mesmerizing. During a visit to Lombok, don't forget to come to the Beach the Lombok Straits.

Senggigi beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lombok. It is set in West Lombok Regency, it is very easy to reach from the bustling Central Mataram.

Panorama Senggigi beach not less asiknya with the beaches in Bali. The waves roll and its beaches are relatively quiet still looks very attractive. Some tourists that the majority of foreign nationals looks fun to enjoy the wind beach that still small voice.

Many hotels into the beach to make it look more lively atmosphere. A variety of activities, such as snorkeling or canoeing you can do here. The price offered was pretty affordable for a backpacker or a traveler.

Do not just simply relax on the beach. I was with some friends decided to canoeing in the area of the beach. Kano-kano was already prepared and we will begin the start.

Painstakingly we strive to balance the canoe. The paddle has helped the movement of small boats. Senggigi waves waves make it increasingly difficult to control our canoe.

At late afternoon, the atmosphere of Senggigi Beach getting crowded tourists or locals. Let alone when Lebaran arrived, such as when I visited this beach, this beach is ready to accommodate the tourists who were on vacation to have fun.

Senggigi Beach does have a fitting location to watch the sunset. Therefore, it is often a lot of photographers who captured the moment in this place.

That day, our holiday close by watching the sun sink. The atmosphere slowly becomes dark and tourists gradually leave Senggigi. But, surely this would tomorrow Senggigi Beach back.


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