Enjoy Traveling Exotic Landscape Biggest Temple in Bali

Enjoy Traveling Exotic Landscape, Biggest Temple in Bali
Designate historic buildings back found in Bali. Researchers from the Archaeology Hall of Denpasar had found a piece of the base with a length of 11 meters in the land belonging to the Pesraman Ida Kusuma Sage Wisnawa Double Poet in Banjar Saka, village Penatih, Denpasar.

It was a month ago, was found by builders who wanted to work on the project of making waterproof. Workers discovered the stone in size not in the padas are commonly used as building materials. I.e. 40cmx40cmx1meter. There are 22 bongkah stone as well as a dozen others stuck to the ground, arranged in two piles.

Investigators suspect the powerful Suantika Wayan the discovery was to be the temple. While the arrangement of stones found padas is now the base of the East side of the temple. "Convinced of the East side, is viewed from the side of the slide and frame pelipit genta," said Suantika Tuesday, October 23, 2012.

On that side, Suantika also showed off adalanya or insulating on the outside of the rock. While on the other side, off is not found.
It also undertook to corroborate that the site this time is the foundation of the eastern part of the temple.

According to the temple built with Suantika sophisticated technology. This is seen from the shape and the arrangement of stones padas. "With the size of the stones of this size, the padas are extremely difficult to organize them. Preparation technology is more or less the same with the Prambanan Temple, "said he.

The basic shape of the building is similar to the shape of the temples in Central Java and East Java. Suantika asserted, the work that has been carried out since 18 October 2012 is not yet finished. And certainly, the length of the base number will pass 11 yards.

To that end, he is convinced that this is the largest site in Bali. Previously, also found temple site in Gianyar Wasan, with a total length of 11 meters wide and 10 meters.

Suantika dare not memerkirakan the size of the temple as a whole. Clearly, looking at the shape of the base of the building as well as the tradition of the use of the building is off, it is created in the 14th century. "Building the temple began in the 15th century has been like the temple at this time. So I predicted around the 14th century, "said Suantika.


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