Easy Ways to Maintain and Livestock Chicken Japan Onagadori

Easy Ways to Maintain and Livestock Chicken Japan Onagadori. Here's a brief reviews about the long-tailed Onaguri masukya chicken from Japan to Indonesia. All started from Mr. Bambang Pratama and Mickaella Wim Indra Gunawan in Surabaya, East Java, have in common after home work: rising to the top floor of the House, and then clean up the long tail of the onagadori chicken to appear shiny.

With a wet washcloth Bambang clears the tail feathers from the base up to the tip that dangle down. While cleaning, do not forget Group Chairman Tani Fisherman Mainstay that smoothed the feathers that are shriveled or folded. ' So that the tail feathers look nice, ' he said. The Ritual was done for about 1.5 hours while checking my feed and drink. At the weekend, the new chicken bathed.

Chicken collection onagadori Bambang reaches 80 tail. Chickens that take turns to clean. Every day at least 25 onagadori tail he rawat himself, assisted by his wife and two children. Onagadori-onagadori it gained after the Government city of Surabaya and the local Government of Kōchi in Japan cooperate in Twin City programme in June 1998. ' At that time I delegated the task to incubate the eggs of the onagadori 183 260 eggs are given, '' he said. The rest, as many as 50 grain delivered to the Zoo in Surabaya and 25 points to former Mayor Sunarto Sumoprawiro Surabaya.

1,000 tail

Of the 183 rounds were only 71 rounds of the hatch. However, when a day-old chicks onagadori 27 dead. The tail of the 44 who survive that Bambang doing breeding until the onagadori collection had reached 1,000 tail in 2001 – 2002.

Born in Madiun collection of chicken in 1958 that the average tail length is more than 1 meter. Some tail almost reaches 2 meters. ' Fur should be kept properly so as not to dirty and quick loss, ' said father two sons.

In addition to cleaning the chicken in the 16th century the tail feathers were worn as a hat decoration the shogun – soldiers in Japan – it was also working the eggs incubate Bambang onagadori in incubators.

Understandably some chicken paired and mated. ' A month to 50 eggs, '' said Bambang who sold it to the onagadori other collectors and prices vary.

The narrow cages

Still in the city of Heroes there are Wim Indra Gunawan. Self-employed people from Malang 1957 it had purchased from the onagadori Bambang. Since 2005 the collector a wide variety of animals such as snakes, rabbits, and dogs that are interested in the onagadori after witnessing the beauty of his tail which hung down. Wim now have 35 onagadori from 1 – 3 years living in unison with a collection of other chicken like chicken and serama ketawa. ' My cock reached a Total collection of more than 200 animals, ' said Wim who took care of all of its collection on the 3rd floor of his house 6 m x 4 m.

Onagadori placed in narrow cages measuring 80 cm x 40 cm. ' might look like a lockup racks, but such enclosures need agar onagadori not much moving, '' he said. Please knowingly, if many chickens moving, easy tail feathers stuck wood or wire that leads to bristle loss.

Onagadori females

Passion for the onagadori make Wim almost every day has always been among the collections of their chickens. When unable to sleep, for example, chose their chickens Coop boarded the Wim. That was done simply to feed and drink, clean up and petted his fur, to sort out the parent is ready to mate. ' My life has come from the chicken, ' said Wim.

While there are spare time, father of 3 children that put some of its collection in a bird cage. Then hang the cage on the terrace like a bird chirping. According to Wim onagadori including chicken type quiet so even though placed in high places, he is not going to fly down. Wim can also be looked at and admired its beauty while enjoying a snack.

It also conducted Bambang to enjoy the onagadori. He made a wooden cross as the beachhead of the long tail. ' A long tail Onagadori almost 2 meters it was I put on top of the stake since 2 years ago and never though he was down, '' he said while pointing to a collection of bait stands tall above the wooden cross to Trubus.

Bambang and Wim has indeed been onagadori. For those taking the time with the long tail gives it a delicacy. "When it's love, difficult to escape, '' said Wim berfilosofi. (Ian Gift Wirawati)


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