Choice of exciting Honeymoon Island Love

IF you are currently making arrangements for the wedding and not know where you are going on a honeymoon, Love Land or island of Love in South Korea you can choose as a place You go with him/her.

Love Land is a garden that is located exactly on the island of Jeju (Jeju Island/Cheju Island), South Korea. Jeju Island is also commonly called the island Honeymoon.

Jeju Island is recognized far from downtown Seoul and has a very wide area. With a warm climate (in fact this region is the region with the warmest climate in Korea), Jeju Love Land, this much was made by destination new couples getting married.

Don't be surprised if Your arrival there, as far as the eye can see, you will be presented by erotic statues, as in Love as much as the Land of 140 sculptures representing human beings in various sexual positions.

At first the Love Land with this sexuality is just an art performance by 20 students of the University graduates Hongking, Seoul, South Korea in 2002, who wanted to portray various sexual positions based on cultures around the world. However, in 2004 to be exact on November 16, Jeju Love Land Korea established permanently.

Arguably, this park is a park. Only the aged above 18 years alone may come into this area.

In addition to the erotic sculptures, in the area of Jeju Love Land also features hotels on the same theme, eroticism.


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