Beautiful Charm Amazed Mount Rinjani

Dream 6 years ago to flirt with Anjani finally realized. Nothing beyond the natural beauty, Mount Rinjani, Lombok, too awesome.

Finally, in May of 2012 becomes a chance to realize a dream 6 years ago. Yes, the trip this time too many unresolved story, about a young man's expectations of life alongside his fellow challengers. About the hope of standing on top of Anjani, Mount Rinjani, Lombok.

Before the trip, we prepare all the things that have to be prepared. Starting from search-find cheap tickets, collecting tools, search for an easy transport and remain cheaper, to buy all that is needed.

Lucky we got the iconic airline tickets in Indonesia to return, for Rp 1.017.800 per person. Not only that, we also got a pretty cheap transportation, namely automobiles, from Lombok Airport – the village of Senaru Village – Sembalun – Lombok Airport. This transport is worth $ 900,000.

2 people, 7 men and 2 women with the same goals as well as the character and the desire which is a little different. Arriving at the airport of Lombok, Mas revelation was ready with a car that used to take us to the village of Sembalun.

The last village to start the ascent of Mount Rijani. Regarding the Lombok International Airport now in Tanak Awu relocated to the area (formerly at Mataram), so had to rent a car to make it more cheaply.

Was the hell we intend to buy a pineapple for the ascent, but because of late notifying Mas Revelation be central market selling pineapples in Masbagik stone unturned.

We also continue to tussle with Mas Revelation on the streets until it finally arrived in the village of Sembalun. Seeing as it's late, the team just take care of the registration of the ascent to the next day. The evening was filled with a chat with the guide and porter, who averages all bring pineapple to her guests. While we could only stare full of hope, there's pineapple who missed or inadvertently given to us.

One morning, the Sun emits light towards the shining Summit of Hanuman. It's a real Beauty!

The team was lucky enough because it happened to be that day there is a bulk tobacco companies climb the original Lombok with participants more or less as many as 150 people. More cool-cool walk towards the entrance, apparently climbing offers participants a lift car until the last car.

"Well okay, since it can be efficient to time 1-2 hours," combat soldiers like Spry from Kodam Jaya, all goods go up, all the passengers aboard, and don't forget to smile.

Up to the limit of the last car, the climbing begins. The expanse of the savanna is clearly visible at the front of the eye. The hills that stand firmly illustrates the power of The Almighty and all.

So terkesimanya, any stray team. Yes, the pieces in time can be from a ride car finally paid by the trip wasted because of one line. 8 hours of fun! The team finally decided to return to the starting point. From where we have come back to the real thing.

While in Post 1, days was at 17.00 Pm. It's certainly tired, but suddenly there is a woman from foreigners coming into the post 1 and simply make team spirit men. Yes, because we can have private photos.

Finally it was decided to continue the journey to post 2. 6: 30 Pm we arrived in post 2. The hood was opened, the food at Cook, drink in the •brewing time. Chat with new neighbours, exchanging gifts, and be getting darker.

When morning arrived in the mail 2 we were prepared to Post 3. Keep and continue uphill, accompanied by winds that pretty tickled. Heading 3 were seen peeking from behind a hill. Still quite during the teams have already arrived in the post 3. As usual, it was decided to spend the night because there was a very sudden needs.

Day 3 in the post 3, the team decided to skip the Torture than regret. A fairly easy choice because we prefer the "torment" rather than having to "regret"!

7 Hills are quite harrowing, traversed by the tembang-tembang Bang Iwan. From the beginning the street side by side until the prayer in silence. Finally we arrived at Plawangan Sembalun. Unfortunately the location it was closed so that the fog Lake Sagara invisible Children altogether. However, since it's still daylight, the team decided to eat lunch while waiting for the fog away from view.

Until the afternoon, but the fog still mengahalangi sight. We were walking back to find a place to overnight due to the early day teams had to prepare for greater challenges.

Now turn summit attack. After the tent was completed, along with an increasingly thin haze and Sagara Child along with New Ajinya arises the haze, unpack the hubris "Subhanallah".

The wind is increasingly penetrating bone and deafening the eardrum. The night, the wind was getting toned. We can only pray that it later when it came time for the summit, the creator of nature


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