Wow Websites that Can Track Position Car and Motorcycle Quickly

Websites that Can Track Position Car and Motorcycle Quickly

 Service vehicle tracker website,, managed to win two pioneering companies in the digital competition SparxUp 2012, and is entitled to a prize of Rp 50 million. allows clients to track the position and monitor the activity of motor vehicles, such as motorcycles and cars owned.

The company pioneering digital (startup) was founded by Dindin Mulyana and Hana Abriansyah. started its business in early 2012. In business, Dindin and Hana assisted by four other employees for technical and marketing.

Hana Abriansyah dan Dindin Mulyana, dua pendiri
Hana Abriansyah and Dindin Mulyana, the two founders

Dindin said, has had over 20 clients, who registered 165 units of motor vehicles so that existence can be traced by service. "Our clients consist of transport companies and freight companies or cargo," he said at the awarding SparxUp Night 2012 at the Plaza Bapindo Jakarta, Friday (10/05/2012).

In order for a vehicle can be tracked, the device needs a GPS tracker attached to a car or motorcycle. The tool is set to connect with the system

Indeed, not provide GPS tracker tool, but if the client wants to provide it, then able to fulfill it.

Each client will be given a username and password to log into the service There, clients can track the position and speed of the vehicle. Not only that, clients can monitor the activity of another, whether the vehicle was parked, was turning off the machine, stuck in traffic, and so on. put the price of Rp 25,000 per month for the first vehicles to track. If clients want more features, which include pulse and SMS, then the price is Rp 125,000 per month per unit vehicle.

The report will be sent in real-time tracking to service once every 10 seconds or every time the vehicle a distance of 100 meters.

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