Wow Porsche and Bentley Sharing Platform

Porsche and Bentley Sharing Platform

Wolfsburg - Cooperation among international car brand is often times done. Sharing the platform was also often performed by two different brands. Now, Porsche also share their platform for Bentley.

After last July groom Volkswagen, Porsche is now in the family Volkswagen Group and as a fellow member of the family Volkswagen Group, Porsche and Bentley certainly has its own proximity. As a family, sharing is a common thing.


Now, as reported by Autocar, Wednesday (05/09/2012) Porsche was willing to share their platform to be used Bentley cars in their cars in the future.


Currently, Porsche engineers are working to create a new platform for the family members of Volkswagen Group based platform Porsche Panamera.


The new platform codenamed MSB will later be the basis of all future models in Bentley car line.


For Bentley, Porsche made ​​a chassis platform that the material is a mixture of steel and aluminum which, according to Autocar will be able to offer a better weight distribution of all Bentley cars are today.


Porsche also suggested that Bentley powerful V12 engine to replace the L-Series engine V8 with a capacity of 6.75 liters existing Euro6 to meet emissions standards.


How the results of cooperation between the two famous brands? It seems only time will tell.


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