Wow Google boss Eric Schmidt PSY Follow Style "Gangnam Style"

Google Boss Eric Schmidt PSY Follow Style "Gangnam Style"
Google Chairman Eric Schmidt during this week touring Asia to launch Google Nexus tablet 7 in Japan and South Korea. While in South Korea, Schmidt took time to dance typical of Gangnam Style.

Psy rapper, who popularized the song "Gangnam Style", visited the Google offices in South Korea to meet with Schmidt on Thursday (27/09/2012). On the sidelines of the meeting, Schmidt asked to teach dance Psy Sytle Gangnam.


By positioning both hands parallel stacked chest, Google boss is like jumping on horseback.

Psy and Eric Schmidt jig Gangnam Style

Psy dan Eric Schmidt berjoget Gangnam Style  

Schmidt's actions were welcomed cheers and applause from the people who were in the meeting room.


The song "Gangnam Style" became one of the most popular video on YouTube today. The number of "likes" received Gangnam Style reached more than 2.6 million. The number is far larger than the previous record holder, "Party Rock Anthem" from LMFAO, who managed to collect about 1.5 million "likes".


Behind the catchy rhythms and hilarious style Gangnam Style, Psy convey social criticism on the style of life of residents in the district of Gangnam, the most classy areas in the South Korean capital, Seoul.


Psy has a real name Park Jae-sang. 34-year-old man had his education at Boston University and Berklee College of Music, USA.


Psy dan Eric Schmidt bertemu di kantor Google di Korea Selatan

Psy and Eric Schmidt met at the Google offices in South Korea

Photos: South Korea Google documentation


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