Wow Elegant Car Manufacturer Nissan Launches All-New Latio Sedan

Elegant Car manufacturer Nissan Launches All-New Latio Sedan

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Today launched a global compact sedan, the All-New Latio in Japan. Direct selling done today with the official start 1.3881 million yen (USD 170 million) to 1,698,900 yen (USD 208 million).
According to Nissan Latio previously been marketed in China, the United States and Thailand. However, in Indonesia Latio hatchback comes with the model, while the sedan is used for taxi (Gamya).


new faces
In addition to the design changed, the machine has been replaced by a smaller one. If you previously used the 1.6L engine, now replaced with a 1.2L, HR12DE, similar to those used in March.


Nissan Latio want fuel consumption is more efficient again. For that idling stop system installed (for all types). As a result, Nissan claims the sedan's fuel consumption could reach 22.6 kpl, according to the Japanese test standards (JC08). Another factor that makes it more economical sedan, weighs 70 kg lighter than the previous version. To transfer power, used typical Nissan CVT called XTronic.


Headlights are halogen, but is equipped with multi-reflector with a smaller size. However, the surface of the lamp larger than the previous version. Hence, the light emitted claimed brighter.


Nissan is also trying to make the car more efficient by increasing the value of aerodynamics. To that end, bumper and front pillars, both outside and under the rear view redesigned.


Another additional feature is a rearview mirror that can be folded out of the driver, the monitor screen to monitor the condition of the back of the car when parking (only variant equipped with navigation), brake lights under the rear glass and the Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC), which also serves as a control traction (TCS) for variant G.


Nissan hopes the new sedan could sell 1,200 units per month.

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