Wow Develop Mercy Seat B-Class 7

Stuttgart, Germany - Mercedes-Benz did not seem satisfied with the performance of the B-Class that can only hold a capacity of 5 passengers. Manufacturers car had racked his brain with a plan to give birth Mercy B-Class 7 seats.

The presence of B-Class Mercedes 7 seats course add a festive war between the Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) in Europe. It's not impossible the car going into Indonesia. Because Volkswagen Touran is always the toughest competitors Mercy B-Class 7 seats have been present in the country.


Quoted from worldcarfans, Tuesday (04/09/2012) Mercedes-Benz B-Class 5-seat and 7 seat will be using the same platform. Only, B-Class platform 7 seats longer, in order to accommodate two extra seats in the back. So the car was going menjolor automatically.


If the thought pattern of Mercy, the European car manufacturer is apparently very serious about targeting the family segment, where the needs of car models are very large.


Unfortunately the car is not yet clear form and also when the 7 seat Mercedes-Benz entered the production line. But if the news beradar car debut at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013.


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