Wow China Electric Car Rattles American Invasion

China Electric Car rattles American Invasion img
China automotive manufacturers really can make any country stunned. And this time turn their electric cars ready worldwide, with ready rifles in the American automotive market.

As reported by autoevolution, Wednesday (01/08/2012) 3 variants of the electric car works Liuzhou Wuling China Special Purpose Vehicle Co. Manufactureing. also successfully entered the U.S. market.


Starting from the Eco-E which only had 2 passengers. There is also a small pickup truck they call As with EcoTruck. And last electric variant form of the van, who was called EcoVan.


The price offered was varied, for a small car Eco-E will be released on a $ 9,995 or equivalent to Rp 94.3 million.


As for the EcoTruck and EcoVan little more expensive, with EcoTruk U.S. $ 16,995 or U.S. $ 160 million and for Ecovan U.S. $ 17,995 or U.S. $ 169 million.


Speaking of speed, China's electric car is capable of reaching a maximum speed limited to 40km/jam. And being able to run as far as 100 km.


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