Wow Candidates Fas test and Most Sophisticated Vehicles at Army Test Pass Test

Candidates Fastest and most sophisticated vehicles at Army Test Pass Test

Vehicle prospective land speed record breaker, Bloodhound SSC success at trial. Vehicle resembling a rocket is now ready to record. Target, the Bloodhound SSC wanted to run up to 1,000 miles / hour or 1,600 km / h.

Bloodhound SSC made ​​by an English team and ridden by Richard Noble was successfully tested at Newquay Airport in Cornwall. No matter what happens to the Bloodhound SSC when running and this makes the team happy.


"It went very well, a preliminary analysis suggests that the rocket exceeded our expectations," said the engineers working on the Bloodhound SSC And Jubb as quoted by Autocar.


"It gives the team a lot of confidence, but to the outside world, it is also important to point out that this is real," said chief engineer Mark Chapman.


The vehicle itself Typoon Eurofighter jet engine that enables it to run 370 km / h and then added another former Nasa rocket that can make them run faster and spewing ability up to 25,000 lb-ft.


Because of the amount of power this car, Bloodhound SSC also has a Cosworth engine used in the F1 arena. Only, F1 machine is not used to drive the wheels, but 'only' serves as a fuel pump for the rocket.


With an excellent kitchen runway, is expected to beat the Bloodhound SSC land speed record that had stood for around since 1997 when a car named Thrust SSC run up to 1223 km / h.


Bloodhound SSC will record that when solving driven by Andy Green is expected to break record in South Africa and try to penetrate the psychology of 1,000 miles / hour or 1,600 km / h in 2014.


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