Wow Allow Drivers Car Without roads in California

 Allow Drivers Car Without roads in California

California - The future of automated car capable of going it alone because it has auto-pilot technology seem closer. After Nevada allow auto-pilot cars are on public streets, now turn to California that allow it.

Parliament California has just recently issued a rule that allows the car to operate on auto-pilot in the streets California.


The report quoted by CNBC and quoted Leftlanenews mentions that the rule is now only needs Governor Jerry Brown's signature to be legalized.


But that will come out in the rules, the cars can run without steered it must have technology that allows the rider to take back control of the car at any time he wants.


Cars with auto-pilot should also have technology that allows it to exit the highway automatically when the car was having problems.


Rules to be issued this makes happy those who are currently developing these technologies. Noted Chevrolet, Cadillac and Ford are developing. Similarly, technology companies like Google.


"I was happy to go out for a walk with autonomous vehicles," said California Senator Alan Lowenthal told Reuters.


"I must say that there are still some problems with it," lugasnya.


Google previously announced that their autonomous vehicle fleet has now recorded more than 300,000 miles of travel without a single accident when under computer control.


The next stage they want to put a driver behind the wheel of each autonomous vehicles in its fleet for the daily congestion.


Cars with auto-pilot, according to some circles is a practical solution to reduce the number of accidents where most riders often lose concentration when driving, especially when dealing with their phones.


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