Wow Ad War Nokia vs Apple, Nokia "Attack" the iPhone 5

 Ad War Nokia vs Apple, Nokia "Attack" the iPhone 5

the latest generation of Apple's iPhone continues to gain teasing. After Samsung, Nokia now turn to the "attacks" Apple.

Unlike the ads presented by Samsung, ads from Nokia is not much to explain the advantages of the latest smartphone the Finnish company. Nokia just "attack" from the color of the product.


Nokia Lumia 920 ad comes in the form of animation in black and white. The main character in the story the ads are a new user prospective iPhone products.


On arriving at the end of the line, the protagonist is asked to staff on duty about the colors available for the iPhone 5.


Hearing the question about the color, the staff immediately looked angry. Many alarm sounded, forcing the protagonist out of line.


When was outside the line, finally the main character saw many others who brought Lumia 920.


The people who brought Lumia 920 is illustrated with bright colors, unlike the iPhone 5, which just wrapped in black and white.

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