Woow There are China Car Similar Alphard


Chengdu - The automotive industry in the country's bamboo curtain is creative, including in terms of mimicking existing international product. And look, this is a production car China has a very similar look to the Toyota Alphard.

The car is a concept car called the Concept MPV M31D made ​​by Sichuan Yema Automobile.

Yema Yema M31D is shown at the Chengdu Auto Show. And because Sichuan Yema has a factory near Chengdu, then something special would have to be disclosed and this car is their new hero.

From the design, the body lines of this car looks very similar to the Toyota Alphard. The contrast may be only of the number of lattice grille. While the side like the Nissan NV200 or in Indonesia called EVALIA. Overview view course no one would have thought it was a Chinese car.

Log into the interior, ergonomic cabin looks neat. It's just that according to China Car news, car material does not reflect a luxury with a manual transmission.

Not yet known whether this car will only end up as a mere concept car or Yema already planning to make mass production.


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