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In early September, news came that states that Samsung will sue Apple when the company released the product with the content of mobile technology Long-Term Evolution (LTE).

Now, some time after the iPhone 5 comes on the market, Samsung actually submitted their claims to U.S. courts.

It does not mention what the patent claimed by Samsung to Apple. However, as quoted from The Next Web, Samsung demands Apple is most likely due to the use of LTE in the 6th generation iPhone is.

"We have little choice, but still take the steps necessary to protect innovation and the rights of our intellectual property," Samsung representative said, as quoted by Reuters.

From the previously known news that Samsung's move could be an effort to push Apple to license LTE patents from Samsung to avoid lawsuits. Instead, Samsung could have licensed a number of patents related to Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Not long ago, Samsung was found guilty by a U.S. court. South Korean companies are deemed guilty of violating patents owned by Apple. Therefore, Samsung is required to pay a fine of 1 billion U.S. dollars.


Meanwhile, Samsung has regained the right to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the U.S.. U.S. court has lifted the ban on the grounds that such devices do not infringe patents owned by Apple.

The Next Web

Reza Wahyudi


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