With Add 5 Euros Get 5 Free Tickets Travelling Around Germany

With Add 5 euros get 5 free tickets Travelling around Germany. His mother found out this information when searching for the bus schedule on the website inforasi freight Mr monthly subscription. Yes, starting August 1, 2009 German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB) issued a new economy class ticket. Quer-durch-Land-Ticket name.

This ticket is actually similar to its predecessor, the end of the week or Wochenendeticket tickets. But that is valid on the day-to-day than week-end, ie Monday to Friday. At nine in the morning until three in the morning, the next day. In the holiday could even be used starting at 00:00 am.
With Add 5 euros get 5 free tickets Travelling around Germany, really cheap tickets for unlimited traveled to germany.

Well, this opens up the possibility for a ticket to travel cheap to the rest of Germany. With prices starting at 34 euro per person, the ticket is valid on all trains economy (Nahvehrker, S-Bahn, RB, IRE, RE) belong to DB and multiple partners. Formerly cheap train tickets are valid throughout the German economy only at the weekend. So if you want to travel within Germany must use the fast trains or trains that cost the economy according to the distance. Speed ​​rail is not cheap if you buy them suddenly. While the economy train fare according to the distance is not too expensive when the distance is very far.


Now whenever someone could use it. Monday through Friday. Practical and easy for those who like to travel but do not want to suddenly reached into the pocket too deep. Very cheap if used for long distances. Every day could be traveling around the country. If used rollicking, of course, be much cheaper. Staying add 5 euros per person. One ticket can be used a maximum of 5 adults unison. Or less than 11 euros per person in a day. Come on ... there is one more reason to travel to Germany!


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