Winter Tourist Attraction Crowded in Winterberg

Winter Tourist Attraction Crowded in Winterberg. Small, cold, crowded. Similarly, our impression during a visit at one of the small town of Winterberg, winter tourist attractions in the state of North Rhine Westphalia.

Not traveled long winter because there is almost no snow on the mountains in the north and west of Germany, longing for the winter we missed the end of 2008 - beginning of 2009 decorated with snow almost throughout the country. Especially during the holiday carnival in mid-February with a swift snowing. So we decided to go to one of the nearest winter. There are two well-known area in Rothaargebirge, mountains is around 4 hour's of Duren. That Winterberg and Willingen. Winterberg more famous than a second location. Winter Tourist Attraction Crowded in Winterberg-Nordrhein Westfalen.

Armed with state railway ticket, we left early in the morning of Duren. Had to change trains twice, seemed very long journey. On the last train towards Winterberg, some passengers have the same goal with us. Utilizing the time to enjoy the depth of the snow Winterberg. Some are carrying large suitcases and winter sports equipment. Such as skiing, sledding and snowboarding. Want it also feels like they could ski. However, the financial condition and the time it was not possible to study.

Winterberg Station is on the low. As per the instructions of friends, we have to head downtown in the higher part. out of the station, continue to follow the road to the right. Heavy snow blanketed the Winterberg. On the street there are still remnants of snow that has not been completely cleared away. The cars drive slowly. We walked to the ramp. Sister in the stroller, pull Mr. Embak who sits on his sledding.

Winterberg town center looks much more rama. Hordes of tourists are everywhere. Many Dutch plated cars here. Soon, we found a tourist information center where we get a map of the city and find out where the location of the ski and ski-sledding. According to official information, the most fun and lively is approximately one kilometer to the top of the hill.

That's were we headed into its designated spot on the map. Past the shops, and housing and roads are longer dirapati by cars winter sports enthusiasts. Soon we reached the hills where the complex is very crowded. There are already preparing to go home or break into places to eat and lodging. There is a new start up into the hills over again by using a special lift. Young children begin to learn to ski on a short track. Our long standing attention to hundreds or thousands of people there.

Finally, we also find a special place to ski sledding, which mediated meluncuk sledding in the snow. Had we made of plastic. There is also made of wood from Switzerland. Alternately, we came rushing into the foothills, fun and a little eerie. Moreover, not only we are playing as. If you do not want to climb to the top of the hill, provided the ski-lift. But visitors must buy a ticket valid the day or half day. If cold, just choose the cafe to warm the body at the foot of the hill.

Initially we were cold, but the longer the body looks like we have started to adjust to the temperature revolving luaryang magnitude around freezing. Snow continued to fall for us there. Therefore it has a thick and sometimes disturbing views. Up and down the hill several times, before four o'clock, we were exhausted and hungry. So back to the cold. Not wanting to waste time we stopped to a doner kebab shop before returning home.


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