Windows boss Steven Sinofsky Change Tablet Surface Modified So Skateboard

Windows boss Steven Sinofsky Change Tablet Surface Modified So Skateboard 
Usually test the strength of a product made ​​by dropping in height, there are different Surface. To find out how strong, Microsoft's tablet was converted into planks skateboard .. Wushhh!

Is one of the Windows boss Steven Sinofsky who posted a picture of him playing with the board skateboard on Twitter. This is not a regular skateboard, because it turns out the modifications in such a way, Surface made
​​into board feet.

What do Sinofsky not crazy action without purpose only. Because he did it to test the strength of Surface. Microsoft claims Surface made
​​with premium materials, ie Magnesium and Gorilla Glass 2.
In the photo shows, the suface is very sturdy. Although used as a foothold and made ​​writhed not look damaged or even broken ones, quoted from BGR, Thursday (18/10/2012).

Surface tablets based on Windows 8 has a thickness of 9.3 mm with a weight of 1.5 pounds, not much different from the iPad. This tool comes with a built-in kickstand and a magnetic cover that doubles as a touch keyboard.

For the price, the public was not curious anymore because Microsoft is to reveal it, which start from USD 499 to USD 699. Microsoft Surface will start shipping on 26 October.


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