When Traveling in Vienna Summer Make Dehydration

When traveling in Vienna Summer Make Dehydration. Every trip we've been through, of course, is not always filled with love. There are times when a trip went by very heavy. The weather, non-technical matters that arise unexpectedly, disaster, coloring our trip so far. One of them is when they travel to Eastern Europe in the mid-summer of 2007. This is the hottest week we've tasted over in Europe. Just when we visited three cities in three countries the banks of the Danube.

Indeed, one or two days before D-day we have checked the weather at the destination. Expected, the temperatures were not far from the number 40. We thought at first was safe. After all, we come from a country on the equator. It used lah, same thing as heat. hah
When traveling in Vienna Summer Make Dehydration,he2

However, the reality is more cruel than expected. On the morning when the train ride to Vienna, there are already signs of the day would be hot. We ynag decided just one day in the Austrian capital is that it is impossible to cancel a walk around the city on that day. Moreover, our roving Vienna only scheduled day, before leaving for Budapest in the same afternoon.

Taking a break after arrival while awaiting the opening of the tourist information office in the main station, we had noticed the state of the station. Full of tourists of various nationalities, is the first impression. Not a few Asian faces sat clustered or meet benches station. After getting a free map, Mother immediately check the city's major sites, marking, and determine the route that day. Dad bought a train ticket to Budapest. Our first target, the Schönbrunn Palace can be reached by foot. We started to walk while recording the atmosphere of the city. To be more comfortable, most of our belongings Leave on the counter in the station.

Vienna, similar to other major cities in Germany. Building forms, language. But we feel there more neat, orderly. Looks nice place to live. At Schloss (palace) Schönbrunn, the hot sun was very hot. Our bodies began to feel weak. And just take a break at a park not far from there. Uh .. This palace complex is actually a very broad one. Complete with a petting zoo. Very large and majestic. We, of course, can not enjoy it all. Just take pictures among the tourists, before driving to the next tourist attraction.

This time we chose to use the U-Bahn underground tram alias. The goal is another magnificent Schloss, Belvedere. But so as not to lose, we passed the famous Karlskirche church. Karlskirche is a baroque-style church, built in the 17th century. Crowded people here. Looks like the tourists and locals who want to cool off the front of the church near the pond. Forty-two degrees Celsius, we read in an air temperature signposts.

Schloss Belvedere is one of the grandest and most beautiful buildings we've ever seen. Unfortunately, the hot weather prevents us from around the complex which is also quite extensive. We just chose to sit by a tree while shooting a few parts.

Soon, we were back on the tram, in the direction of the city center. There, the water supply has been exhausted. We are looking for a shop selling cold water. In the Stephansdom, the heart of Vienna, thousands of tourists swarm. Police remind the tourists, that many pickpockets lurking there. Stephansdom itself is a giant church that looks like a relative, Dome zu Köln in Cologne, Germany. We only see-saw atmosphere briefly, then decided to hunt for souvenirs only in souvenir shops around the Dom.

Running back, we had to go through Mozart museum, then to the very large tourist complex, Hofburg and the surrounding areas. Uuhhhh ... not-yet we are pessimistic view map complex. It is not sure, would be unable to encircle it all in the heat of the air that was like being in the Middle East. We selected major tourist objects to be seen and captured. Namely Sissi museum, an Austrian empress very illustrious king, Kapelle, complex Heldenplatz. In front Heldenplatz, mother and Embak choose lying under a tree, while Mr. photographing some of the museum. Take a walk on a hot day, really draining.

Before returning to the station, we went through many places of interest, such as Mozart monument, the National Gallery, the exclusive shopping center in the heart of the city. Oh ... Vienna is beautiful. Magnificent. bangunanya no mini-sized. Moreover, the old building. Look at all the glory of past Austrian Empire. And it's all balanced with maximum care their historic relics.


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