What is this Phenomenon? 6 Manufacturing the "Lust" With Hydrogen Cars

What is this phenomenon? 6 Manufacturing the "Lust" with Hydrogen Cars

Detroit, Paris - The price of fuel continues to rise. This makes automakers rack my brain to be able to anticipate it, one way is to accelerate the development of hydrogen-fueled cars.

There are at least six automotive manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai-KIA and GM ready to produce cars using hydrogen.


As reported by USA Today, is expressly Nissan ready to mass-produce cars Nissan Terra.


"Terra concept car on water fuel SUV variants, have we introduced last week at the Paris Motor Show. Nevertheless hydrogen fuel vehicles will be available to consumers," said Andy Palmer Executive Nissan.


The same thing also expressed by Honda, Toyota and Hyundai, KIA. They average ready to sell hydrogen cars by 2015.


"Do not give up I believe hydrogen could become a replacement vehicle gasoline cars," said Hyundai Motor America CEO John Krafcik.


"Honda will give birth to a new vehicle new Fuel Cell electric in America and in Europe by 2015 tomorrow. We will demonstrate the latest technology that is very significant and affordable, and will also introduce his Honda FCX Clarity cars," Honda CEO Takanobu Ito said.


"Hydrogen cars can be a potential vehicle, compared to an electric car that does not currently meet the needs of consumers, from the price and time," said Toyota Vice Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada.


Although the statements of the automotive manufacturers will bear the water-fueled vehicles have long heard. This has not been done due to the proliferation of electric-powered vehicles are born.


But now the producers have started to realize, that in order to have an electric vehicle it is not cheap. Making it possible for water-fueled car, again have a chance to be the right choice as environmentally friendly vehicles.


This was immediately echoed by the giant German manufacturer Mercedes Benz, with the introduction of 'F-Cell' in America.


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