Weekend Travel in Heidelberg, Germany

Weekend Travel in Heidelberg, Germany. Heidelberg is one of the main tourist destinations in Germany. Was formerly the capital of Kurpfalz. The old city is situated between the River Neckar and the mountains, which stand the ruins of the palace for centuries old. Famous German writers such as Armin, Brentano, Eichendorff, Keller once lived here.

It's been very long time we wanted to visit this city. Exactly when we still lived in Nuernberg. From there is not too much to Heidelberg, which is about 4 hours away by train economies. However, a new opportunity came recently. From Düren, where we live now, Heidelberg distance of about 6 hours away by train economies.

Our family bought a weekend ticket (Wochenendeticket), walking distance from the house early in the morning in order to catch the train at 5 am. Travelling smoothly until nearly eleven o'clock we were in Heidelberg. Passing through much of the city as well as up and down to change trains.
Weekend Travel in Heidelberg, Germany..

The weather is very sunny day. Was very hot even after many had always overcast and rain in some parts of Germany. Bustling atmosphere has felt once we got to the station downtown Heidelberg. Out of the station tourist town atmosphere immediately felt. Strangers milling about. In and out of the tourist information office at the front of the station. We ourselves have had a map in the guide book.

We rode the bus passing by stop Rathaus. The first goal is up to the ruins of the castle where the Kings Pfalz ruled for five centuries. Since being attacked by French troops in 1689 and 1693, the castle was never fully rebuilt.

Up to the palace by using a special car is expensive it was for us. And if you walk the palace can be achieved for 10 - 15 minutes. We choose the second alternative. Mr. kinda trouble also bring a stroller sister through the steep hill toward the palace. We got in a little while, take pictures among the old stone walls. Much is being renovated. Hungry and hot, we were then down, then up again towards the palace gardens outside the palace area.

Schlossgarten (Heidelberg bailey) looks spacious, airy and quiet. Suitable for picnics or just relaxing or dozing. Initially we were sitting under the shade trees at the bottom of the garden. Eating lunch from home. Before heading back, we climbed to the top of the garden, take pictures and they Heidelberg old town atmosphere down there. The gardens and bustling wider appeal below. There is a fountain being renovated. We round a minute.

In the old town, the atmosphere looks increasingly crowded. We memuli trip from Rathaus. Asia faced many tourists we met here. The stores have drawn korea and japan. So we conclude that there is definitely a lot of tourists from the two countries here.

Today the heat alone. And kemuruman the increasingly crowded. We trace the Hauptstrasse, past the Heilig Geist Kirche, multi-faceted shops, cafes, restaurants, a variety of food, souvenir stalls, unique old buildings along this street. Everything tasted wonderful, unique and memorable. Unfortunately we could not linger. There was one place we wanted to visit again later that afternoon. Moreover, it was getting hot. Less comfortable it feels to walk in the hot sun. Until the end of the Hauptstrasse, we were soon to stop public transportation. To quickly rose to a tram to the neighboring town of Heidelberg, Mannheim.


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