Want to Cycling? Buy the Book Bike Route Map Duren

Want to Cycling? Buy the Book Bike Route Map Duren,Germany. Since living in Bremerhaven, we already like cycling. We've been around almost the entire area in the port city in Germany's North Shore. Bremerhaven is a friendly area for those who love cycling. The road is relatively flat. Seldom has a significant slope.

In the city where we live now, Dueren, we do not leave this hobby. Despite two times we lost two-wheel bike when parked too long in one stop and the train station. Mr.'ve got a new bike. He used to go back to work is about 12 kilometers. While Emak use folding bicycles have Mr. first. This bike is not too busy running away worn. Especially for street Dueren more derivatives and rise.
Want to Cycling? Buy the Book Bike Route Map Duren.

While waiting for the ideal Mother has more bikes, we cycled to places not too far just yet. A maximum of 10 kilometers to go home. Most often we cycled into the city center. On Sundays there is a flea market when we get there occasionally.


Well to be more familiar with bike routes engrossed in Dueren, we bought a bike route map. In addition to maps, this pack also contains the user guide. The contents of the interesting places to stop off when bersepda. Museums, beautiful gardens, interesting architecture churches, rivers, water palaces, old castles and so on. Twelve bicycle routes with distances varying between 20 and 50 kilometers per route into three categories: mild moderate and severe classes.


Short and flat routes categorized as mild. While the long route with many derivatives categorized climbs and heavy. These routes were mild to moderate in the north lot of Duren. Suitable for families. While southern regions, has begun to enter the mountainous Eifel moderate to severe category.


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