Visiting Travel Smart Steel City Düsseldorf

Visiting Travel smart Steel City Düsseldorf. After visiting a friend in Aachen in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen, family travelers the opportunity to visit the city of Düsseldorf, the state capital this past years. Because only stopped a few hours, we were not charged extra by the Deutsche Bahn, the German railway company that we were riding. For once it was our time to yourself witnessed Düsseldorf directly. Yet again we passed while driving the train.

Just like Cologne, Düsseldorf is a city on the edge of the Rhine. Besides being known as the center of one of the largest steel companies in Germany, the city was inhabited by immigrants from Japan and other nations. That's why he is regarded as an international city in the country. A few hours in the center of Düsseldorf, is not much we witnessed. Enough to know just a little.
Visiting Travel smart, Steel City Düsseldorf, beautiful and clean, so convenient for travel.

Our main goal that day was the old town of Düsseldorf. The location is more than a kilo meters from the main station. Actually public transport such as buses and trams underground available. Want to save, we chose to walk alone to the heart of the old city. We pass the modern buildings, major banks, forms a unique modern architecture. It was Sunday. Traffic does not look crowded.

We walked to follow instructions through a road sign opposite the station. Walking straight up to hundreds of meters, we arrived at Königsallee. Apparently there were exchanges used books here. Königallee itself is a boulevard, got a small river in the middle, and the impression is very shady. At his side stood a large shop, gallery, restaurant and cafe fancy, expensive, exclusive. Since closing, we only glimpsed through the shop window.

Entering the old town area, the scenery even more diverse and interesting. Old buildings mingle with modern buildings, ornate fountains steels looming, unique metal sculptures, old houses typical architecture of medieval Europe. Over 700 years old Düsseldorf. A long time ago there was only one main road, a few pairs of houses, and one church, Lambertus Church.

Not a long walk from the city, we've got Rheinuferpromenade, the streets on the banks of the Rhine. Königallee Besides, this is the place pelesiran celebrities here. The road along nearly 2 kilometers is said to be the most beautiful along the Rhine. There are trees, especially for pedestrian street, park benches where people see the beauty of the river. Watching the bridge, cargo ships, boats, people play Kanu, mini yacht passing. day there was a sporting event in a field by the river precision. Crowded people gathered there. We went down to the street by the river. Where cafes berdiri.Semua bench located outside. Some use large umbrellas or tents as a protector. It seems like other than as a place to eat, it also serves as a place mejeng residents and visitors of the city. Because they are not in the middle of the day, not too crowded people eat in this complex.

We kept walking until Burgplatz. Former fortress complex of buildings leaving only the high castle tower after burned down in the 18th century BC. The tower is called der Alte Schlossturm menadi Düssesldorf a symbol of the city, a motif in millions Karto post. Up close to the tower, we immediately follow the road to one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, the city hall building.

The oldest parts of the city hall dar year from 1570-73. Noble equestrian statue of Johann Wilhelm January alias Wellem a mascot in front of him. Open space front of city hall was too broad. Our whole trouble photographing this beautiful building.

The road took us to the center of the old city kehdiupan. Unlike the other major downtown filled with shops and boutiques and galleries, Düsseldorf center filled with cafes, restaurants, and other eating places. That said, there are more than 200 places to eat hangout here. Almost all types of food from many countries here. From Arabic to Korean cuisine. From seafood, pizza, steaks, etc.. Almost all there. Unfortunately we did not see restauran Indonesia. Sellers of beer and liquor is also abundant. In the afternoon, visitors began arriving dining. We got to thinking, if people here loved to eat out. Until there is a city full of restaurants like this. At night, disco places where townspeople said to be looking for entertainment. Apparently, if you want a culinary tour, in Düsseldorf's the place. Enough in one place, a wide range of international dishes can be sampled.


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