Visiting Mosque Essalam and Mevlana Mosque in Rotterdam

Visiting Mosque Essalam and Mevlana Mosque in Rotterdam NETHERLAND. Surfing in the world looking for info on where the mosque in Rotterdam, we found two interesting. Mevlana Mosque and the Mosque Essalam. We are determined, if there is time we will visit both while in the city of Rotterdam, in early April.

Initially we intend to stop at the Mevlana Mosque in the northeastern city of Rotterdam. Address at Mevlanaplein 1. As the name implies, the Mevlana mosque is a mosque Muslim community of Turkish origin. Mevlana is the name of the Turks to Jalaludin Rumi. Built in 2001, this building has been named as the most interesting buildings in Rotterdam in 2006.
Visiting Mosque Essalam and Mevlana Mosque in Rotterdam NETHERLAND.

We arrived mid-morning at the Mevlana. Early April, the temperature was very hnagat, more than 20 ° C. Dad parked the vehicle in the parking lot near the mosque. It turns out there is not free parking. Want to buy a parking ticket, should have the chips first. Or it could also use a credit card. Cook wants to pay 1-2 euros just have to use a credit card. Finally, we only got to shoot the blue mosque with a dome and two towers just one or two shots. Then immediately mengapati gps, search for addresses Essalam mosque.

The mosque is located not far from the stadium Feyenoord, one of the famous clubs in the Netherlands. After briefly spinning unclear due gps pointing directions, until we did near the mosque. From a distance, it looks grandeur. Unfortunately, here too there is no free parking. Asking here and there, we decided to look disappointed parking spot in advance. Thank God we found in viaduk stadium, approximately sekilometer of the mosque. With gps also we found the location mosque. We walked through the crowded streets. The area is apparently inhabited by the Muslim community. Lots of people milling about hijab. Gold shops or clothes india, islam bookstore until we met in the street.

The atmosphere around the mosque was deserted when we arrived at the mosque courtyard. Around the mosque still looks barren. A father of two and out of the mosque building. Dad went in to inquire women's prayer entrance. In fact, all may enter through the same door. From there, there are front and stairs to the next room. Women's prayer rooms on the second floor.

Construction of the biggest mosques in the Netherlands took place since 2004. With funds from the Al-Maktoum, United Arab Emirates. This project berualng times in conflict with the developer or the body of the Muslim community in Morocco, pilgrims majority. Once finished built, the mosque is expected to be a bridge between Muslims and non-Muslims in Rotterdam.

For female ablution place yet so, we use the toilet on the ground floor. There was no sink in the upstairs, only WC alone. It appears that once inside the mosque remained unfinished. Smell the pungent odor of paint. Building materials scattered in many places. In the women's prayer rooms, the carpet is installed. But the roof lights, and other unfinished. Looks very pretty from the outside, but the interior is still much to be done. Hopefully, this year there will be a large mosque opening ceremony if the mosque was finished completely. His mother and Embak had a brief rest before the congregation dhuhur. The call to prayer and the reading of the priest loudly. There is no female worshipers besides the two of us. But he pretty much worshipers come to pray. God willing, we would like to visit here again someday.


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