Visiting and Stay In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Visiting and Stay In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Stay at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) we did not plan ahead. Pekanbaru new plane to fly during the next day. While the evening we reached the capital of Malaysia. After flying from Frankfurt - Cairo - Bangkok - Kuala Lumpur.
We have made a promise to stay at a relative's father in KL. She said not too far from the airport. About 30 minutes by taxi. However, with four suitcases, two of which are very large, we immediately no interest in going anywhere. Imagining mutual mutual suitcases up and down the vehicle alone was not excited. Moreover, tomorrow morning will have to repeat again towards another airport in Kuala Lumpur, LCCT.
Gratitude was free internet connection at the airport. We can check whether this one guy at the airport welcome. Meet sleepinginirportsdotnet site. He can. Comfortable as well. According to the experience of a traveler, there is a nice place on the third floor.
We cancel the appointment and apologized to the relatives. Up to the third floor. Unfortunately there is no place that looks perfect for a family stay. We find on the departure floor, behind the check-in counters, floor 4. There are rows of benches. Fairly soft for sleeping. Two women are choosing not far from our place.
The floor is very spacious. Consisting of various kinds of shops, coffee shops, fast food stalls, toilets, surau and children's playground. The remains atmosphere European Cup football match is still visible. At about 9 pm, the airport looks deserted. Not many airplanes in this hour. But the sound of ya-ya on the information is still often heard through the speaker.
We arrange the suitcases and turns praying in the mosque. The children ran to the playground.
The sister got jet lag. I can not sleep until early morning. Alternately we accompanied him. Mr breaks first. Embak follow. ahead of the middle of the night, Mother turns selonjoran on the bench. Lounger customers more and more. White tourists began to take the bed.
Embak asleep. My sister did not want away from Mother. Ahead of the morning when she woke, Mother shocked to see benches did not leave the place empty again. There is even a family with two young girls in hijab are asleep. Occasionally the sound of snoring. Two women near where we slept very complete provision apparently sleeping. Besides large suitcases in addition, they carry pretty thick blankets and pillows.
At dawn today, the airport began crowded by passengers. We woke up, while the other occupants cool airport hotel to sleep more during the day. The kids are still asleep in dreamland. As not feel the difference between home and slept on a mattress settee airport.


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