Visit To The Only Mosque in Lisbon, Portugal

Alhamdulillah..Visit to the only mosque in Lisbon, Portugal. Before departure to Lisbon in the first quarter of 2009, Mother idly looking for info about the mosque in Lisbon. The four days we were there. For a long time, so we want to occasionally visit the local mosque. If anyone knows the mosque strategically place this could be our stopover to stop prayer and a short break from all the fatigue explore the capital city of Portugal.

Our inn Muslim mother could not explain the location of the mosque is on the map. Especially tell what we should ride there. More complete and reliable information we got from the tourist information office in the city center. Oh, Mesquita de Lisboa? A beautiful building. You have to get there, the clerk said the mother of our time and the location of the mosque is what we were up there.
Visit to the only mosque in Lisbon, Portugal.

Mom kind and super friendly explained that the fastest way there is a metro ride. Get off at the stop Praca de Espanha. We do not have a metro ticket. So he find an alternative if we want to use the city bus. He was for a long call to someone only to find the bus to get there. Finally, we find the information we needed.

The location of the mosque not far from the legendary waterways viaduk or Lisbon. Both unidirectional, we all admire the splendor of the mosque after the giant viaduk near the train station Campolide. From Campolide, according to the map transport, bus number 756 to the mosque. Celingak-celinguk around Campolide, we have not found a bus stop number 756. Long time no see, we asked again for a driver. Benevolent father could not speak English, but explains in Portuguese. His toil is not in vain. We also understand what he mean. Stop is found to be a bit far away. We had to climb a bit through the trees, then cross the main road through a special line in the basement.

Before long, we've been in this bus. Not much. Only two stops, we arrived at the intended dismissal. From here, an invisible sign of a mosque standing. We greeted a mother pedestrians. He pointed to a hill, where a dome and a minaret poking among the tall buildings. Well, the location of the only mosque in Lisbon is located in a strategic area where famous hotels, office buildings, housing, stand up.

The struggle reached the mosque has not ended. Lisbon is hilly geography requires us to climb on steep inclines. All fatigue was quickly vanished when we sekasikan house of God is nigh at hand. Only in Lisbon. In a city of more than half a million people. Knowing this fact, we feel fortunate to live in Germany. In Duren, has a population of only 90 thousand's life, there are three mosques.

Building the mosque looks magnificent from the outside. Its exterior is made of red brick, with ornaments (dome, gates, ornaments) another green. Satisfied photographing a wide section of the mosque, we immediately went inside. Two father greeted us, saying hello. Then show where prayers of men and women. His mother ushered upstairs, ladies prayer area. He shows also the place of ablution and toilet.

Building the year 1988 is pretty good standing on the inside. There is a place to store shoes. Lights turn on automatically when it's prayer Mother approached. His mother accompanied Embak prayer alone. While Mr. Adik prayer brought downstairs. Body feels refreshed after a short break here. We also said goodbye soon.

A short visit here brings a deep impression on our hearts. Since then, both families were determined, as far as possible taking the time to visit a local mosque in the places that we went to next. We regret, knowing that a city like Warsaw also has no less magnificent mosque. Hopefully we have time to visit the houses of God, in a country where Muslims are a minority though.


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