Visit to The Mosque in Garden City of Kaunas, Lithuania

The visit to the mosque in the Garden City of Kaunas, Lithuania. Since our memorable visit in Lisbon Mosque, we have determined, as much as possible come to a mosque in the town where we were vacationing. So when you want to visit both cities in the Baltic countries, the Riga (Latvia) and Kaunas (Lithuania), we were looking for information about homes Allah in both cities.

In Riga, there was no special building mosques. That there is a house that functioned as a mosque. They are still trying to raise funds in order to build a mosque, said an on the internet. We also had come to address an Islamic study center in the city. Unfortunately we have not found Anybody at the address in question.

In Kaunas, Lithuania, we found the information, that they have a mosque. Our address before flying to get there. In Lithuania, a country of about 3 million people, an estimated 25 thousand of them are Muslims.

Once satisfied to explore the old town, we stopped to mosque before returning to the inn. Fortunately, it is located close to the city center. Staying along the boulevard front of the inn, Laisves aleja, turn right towards Vytauto prospektas to see a small road named Totoriy gatve. In this small way mini mosque can be found. Right in a park.

Actually, in addition to passengers prayer, we also want a short break in this mosque. So when he saw it in the distance, our hearts are very excited. Mosque white looks clean and beautiful. The tower is one with a large dome and several smaller domes around it. Although around it seems less manicured gardens. Autumn leaves are scattered. The grass is not weeded rises. The plant grows wild everywhere. Around the garden standing nearby residential population.

Mosques atmosphere seemed very quiet when she reached us there. Not seen one outside or inside. We photographed the mosque and surrounding area first before finally tried knocking on the door mosque. This is only the size of a small mosque ordinary house. We estimate about 10 times 6 square meters. Two storeys high. The door is similar to the front door. We knocked a few times. There was no answer. Locked. Indeed, there was no sign of a penunggunya. When it is not being entered prayer time. Tuesday anyway. Neither can we wait until the Maghrib come. That afternoon Kaunas city air feels too cold for us. Disappointed as well. But I can not do anything about it.

Have no more stories about the material content of the mosque, well we talked a little about Islam in Lithunia by many sources on the internet. Apparently, Islam has been since the Middle Ages (roughly from age 14) entered the region. Precisely when the imperial territory of Lithuania got the Baltic to the Black Sea. Some Muslim-Turkish Crimean Tatar (area near the Black Sea, now entered the territory of Ukraine) into the central area of ​​Lithuania. They keep their culture, language and religion centuries old. Kaunas Mosque or Kauno Mecete, built in 1930, it actually has a name: Vytautas Didysis Mosque. A tribute to the Emperor Lithuania, Vytautas, who brought the Muslims into this country.

Until then the Russians controlled Lithunia. Muzzle Tatar culture and religion, including closing mosques belong to them. Many people choose to hide religious Muslim Tatar, mingle with native Lithuania, and even choose to convert. Residents Tatar and other Muslims started to get fresh air when Lithuania re-independence in 1991.


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