Visit Third Largest Mosque in Germany, Fatih Camii

Visit Third Largest Mosque in Germany, Fatih Camii. The length of stay in Bremerhaven and often come to Bremen, we only visited three of the many mosques in the city. While in the area there Groepelingan third largest mosque in the country. Fatih Fatih Camii or Moschee name. Dad had several times Friday prayers there because it has worked in the area.

Only after moving to Dueren, and to come back to Bremen, we enter the mosque in one of our travel agenda. Because time is not much, a little while we were there.
Visit Third Largest Mosque in Germany, Fatih Camii.

To get there, we boarded the tram number 3 of Domsheide. If you must take a bus from the train / tram first to the city (stop Domsheide), new tram number 3 Groepelingen direction. The decline in the Kap-Horn-Strasse. Stop right in front of the mosque. From the bus stop is also great for photographing physical mosque.

Fatih Camii in a state of quiet when we were there. It was Sunday morning. It seems there is no special event in these times. There is only one father paced back and ignoring us. Mr. ablutions in the basement. While Mother keep kids in the hallway near the entrance. Brsur reading for some of the missionary activity of the mosque and Islam in general. Some brochures speak Turkish.

At the front entrance Emak find information about the Fatih Camii. Began its existence in 1974. After several moves, the mosque was built in the year 1995-1998 today. Capacity of up to 1300 worshipers. Two Muslims from China joined the mosque interior decorating. Name taken from the name Fatih mosque in Istanbul was built in the 15th century AD.

Father then went upstairs to pray. Carrying a camera to capture some of the interior. In front, a mother and father went to the children. Invite them to the cafe mosque. He gives a lot of halal sweets for the children. There are some people chatting in the cafe. Besides the cafe, Mother saw some room shaped like a classroom or meeting room.

One family also toured the mosque. Of Cologne. They greet and say that they are visitors like us who also want to know more about the Fatih Camii. This visit though brief, but make us happy.


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