Vacationing and Traveling Impressive to Pisa and Florence

Vacationing and Traveling Impressive to Pisa and Florence. Initially family travelers want an early start to Pisa, the economic train from Rome Termini at 6:08. What can we woke up late. Exactly half eight in the morning. Wakks, the next economic train at 10:08. The lesson is, we still can have breakfast of instant noodles and drinking coffee in the room.
Roma Termini look crowded morning. Sunny day and the sun was shining brightly. Thank God these days warm. The train to Pisa on track 26, aka almost the end. Ten minute we walked in that direction.

Train Italian economy is quite clean and comfortable. The seats are divided into three classes, regional passenger seat, second class and first class. At first we were either sitting on regional passenger carriages, before the ticket inspectors told us to move to second grade. Two classes of seating more comfortable. Big chair, padded and relieved. Passenger lonely in there. Other passengers mostly tourists like us. Some foreign language sounds dipercakapkan in there.

Coming two o'clock, the train arrived in Pisa, a small old town which I really eccentric. Ruma-house in Pisa seem very old. Some wood is weathered, eroded walls and peeling paint. On the other hand, small shops along the promenade in the center of town selling branded items nan expensive. The townspeople were sitting chatting on benches downtown. Most of the seniors. Noting the pedestrians and tourists passing by. A gang of youths whistle repeatedly while young women passing by. Bike and scooter milling about in the pedestrian area. The rider speeding will. Most of the shops are closed as we pass through this area. When I noticed, they were closed at noon and reopen at around 3 to four in the afternoon.

Del Duomo, the church where the leaning tower rests not far from the city center. We passed the store and buy a cheap souvenir keepsake miniature tower. From the outside the complex, this area looks deserted. But once inside, hundreds of tourists and traders interact. Most tourists photographing the tower or multi-faceted style in front of the leaning tower. We did not miss. It's funny to see the picture. Initially we imagined towering tower of Pisa as a famous friend in Paris. It turns out that here may be only one-tenth height Eiffel.

As in the center of the crowd of other tourists in Italy, in the region filled with hawkers. Most black. We have not been here long. After being photographed ria, we get back to the station to the city next destination, Florence aka Florence.
Previously I knew Florence or Firenze novel by EM Forster called A Room With A View, takes place in this city. For me, Firenze features elegant impression, unlike the cities that we seinggahi before. If Venice is unique but memorable though old, rotten and dirty, distinctively Roman capital intricate and polluting, Pisa is also the old city, the Firenze really looks exclusive, with piazza piazza-charming and magnificent.

Unfortunately we were only able to enjoy Florence at night which is kinda cool. Around seven, the heart of Florence look crowded. We were moving quickly toward the main points withou cities like Bridge or Ponte Vecchio over the Arno River. In this pedestrian bridge stands of small shops who supposedly invaded very crowded both in the opening hours. Also to the Piazza della Signoria, Florence's main tourist attractions with gigantic statues. Among them is a copy of Michelangelo's David statue. Finally, we saw the Duomo alias sempatnya Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Contradicts previous night returned to Venice to fly back home.


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