Vacation Satisfaction Using Fast Train Germany

Vacation Satisfaction Using Fast Train Germany. To travel far to fast, secure and convenient, fast trains be our top choice. Of course price is far above her in economy class. However, we think the price is worth the service and facilities of the trains of this type.

Fast train to travel within the country and abroad from Germany, was divided into two. InterCity (IC) and InterCity-Express (ICE). InterCity priced cheaper by Deutsche Bahn, German Perumka. He passed more stations than ICE. ICE also sightings seem more dear, more ergonomic. And like most of his colleagues in economy, the country's high-speed rail uses electric energy for propulsion. In recent years, all kinds of German rail memeberlakukan smoking ban for all passengers and crew on the train during the journey.

Trains classic IC consists of two kinds of carriages, cabins and open space grade one and two. The carriage train cars cabin is divided into small cabins inside. Each cabin contains four to six seats. There is a special cabin passengers with small children and cabins for people with disabilities. Open carriage, consisting of one room containing rows of benches, as usual train. Display the front of the cabin or on the seat to be pointing to the passenger seat to make reservation. Sebagain refrigerated carriages and several rows of benches equipped with plugs so that passengers could use the laptop or charge a cell phone battery. The hopper serves as a bistro (restaurant), food vendors of soft drinks to passengers. Some of these types of high-speed rail over 200 km per hour.

-InterCity Express is the fastest train category and ternyaman owned Deutsche Bahn. A long-distance transport, mengubungkan major cities across the country Germany, passing through the station at least 180 cities and to neighboring countries such as Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and Denmark. ICE carry about 55 percent of long-distance passenger trains. Its speed can reach 200 to 250 kilometers per hour.

Just like IC, ICE also has open carriages and inside cabins. Design in it elegegan and luxury. There is a special cabin for the owner of a child passenger. This cabin sring our advantage. Embak very happy to be here. Sometimes there are swings, a large memory game or a ladder that can be climbed up and down. If carrying a baby, there is a special socket for tool panghngat milk or baby food. This place was closed, good for mothers who want to breastfeed their babies.

There earphone plugs across differing seating ICE. If you take the headphones themselves, passengers can enjoy the radio, or music. Work, watch or just play with the laptop ribadi was no problem. Stay plugged in the power outlet you have available. It is not surprising that businesses often use, as they still could use the time to work during the trip.

Since it was first served in 1989, ICE has undergone many repairs and improvements. Now it has entered the third generation ICE.

In addition, there are several different types of trains that looks like IC, but with another name, and used to serve a particular route. Euro City (EC) lines serve long-distance trains out of Germany or German. Euro Night (EN) serves a special trip at night in Germany, as well as out. D-Zug are the types of IC trains from Germany to the Eastern Europe.

Family travelers often use IC and ICE trains to travel deep inside and out of Germany. Although generally expensive ticket prices, there are several ways to get it cheaper. Traveled a lot with this medium, it is comfortable. Especially if you bring earphones and laptop. Watching, listening to music, reading, sleeping during the trip time is an effective killer in the train. ICE record for the longest train ride we were traveling a thousand miles during an eight-hour from Vienna to Hannover


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