Utilizing Attractive Offers Youth Hoste

Leveraging Special Interest Travel package of Youth Hostel.Utilizing Attractive Offers Youth Hoste. Every winter, exactly 15 November to 15 March each year, there is a tempting offer from a youth hostel the state of Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland. Stays in hostels, hostel they are so cheap. For families with a maximum of 3 children for example. Can stay in one of the hostels with fares starting 39 euro only. That's the cost of two nights stay, dinner on arrival and two meals in the morning.

It had been two years ago we became a member of the international youth hostel. But just yesterday can use our membership card. We choose to stay in the town of Montabaur. Because it is located not too far from home. Trains ticket is affordable. We will of course choose the final week, so Mr. unnecessary extra day off.
Leveraging Special Interest Travel package of Youth Hostel.

About a week before leaving, one by one family member getting sick travelers. Originally sister, a high fever. Mr too cold. Embak got bronchitis. His mother was also severe colds and coughs. Thankfully one by one began to improve towards the left. Unless Mother who still have to wrestle with a cough and headache. Making it almost did not feel strong enough to leave.
Leveraging Special Interest Travel package of Youth Hostel.

Our trip went by smoothly. All public transport on time, except for the city bus from home to the station. For the location of the hostel about a half hour from the station Montabaur. And it was dark when we arrived, we choose to take a taxi. The right choice. Because the city is hilly. Hostel itself is also located on the slopes of a hill.

We came when when people were eating dinner. The dining room near the lobby. A female officer immediately gave women the key. immediately invited us to dinner first before taking care of other things. Father and children rushed to the dining room. His mother no taste.

The kids seem to just play in a special play room near the lobby. Dad said, many other children, so they were happy.

Our room was on the ground floor. Actually a person with special needs rooms with spacious bathrooms. The bed was four. Consisting of two bunk beds fitted huddle. In addition there is a cabinet table with two large stools. Looks narrow, but enough for the four of us.

Night, Mother can not sleep soundly. Severe coughing attack again. The mattress seemed hard. The next morning, the body becomes stiff.

We had breakfast at a place that has been provided by the hostel. There is a name and residence time are written there. German standard breakfast. Fresh round bread (brotchen) along with a variety of toppings such as sliced ​​meats and cheeses thinly. There are also several kinds of fruit jam, chocolate and honey. Drink no tea, and milk. There is a container of coffee on our table. Make the kids, there is cereal. We ate bread with cheese, honey, chocolate and jam. Two bread alone can satiate.

During the day, you took the kids to the city center to buy food at a kebab shop. The distance is about 15 minutes' walk from the hostel. The weather that day was cold. Temperature of minus two. So they did not linger. There is only one kebab sellers meet. It was relatively expensive. However, because it did not want to buy food at the hostel, expensive kebab is also purchased.

In the afternoon, Mr again to take the children around the hostel. Then the children play in the indoor playground. Before you spend the rest of the night watching some cartoons on the computer.

Tk nothing special. Especially for Mother who spent more time with snooze. However, Embak and sister enjoy the journey. so there is no harm is repeated again in the near future. God willing.


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