Unforgettable Traveled to Barcelona, Spain

Arriving in Valencia, we only had a short break in the area near the station. Before continuing with the three-hour train ride to Barcelona fire. Business class train ticket and executives in Spain turned out to be sold only by the number of seats. Because it's full, we boarded the next train. The train ride or a business executive in Spain, should be checked bags on the conveyor scanner. For security reasons, they said. Perhaps due to the bomb on the train last years. The train itself is cozy, just the distance between the seats a bit cramped. Unlike trains German version is more spacious.

The railroad runs through the Mediterranean coast. Through citrus orchards, olives, and a beach with rest houses. All seemed orderly, clean, peaceful. No wonder Spain became one of the favorite tourist destinations of the Germans. Clouds covered the sun sank arise.

At night we arrived at the station the center of Barcelona. Big and luxurious to the size of a train stops. Somewhat puzzled us stop looking for the metro (underground tram). Asked an officer, was located near the areas being renovated. There is no elevator or escalator down anyway. Happens to You've got to carrying a large backpack as well memebawa Embak stroller. We must arrive at penginaan before ten o'clock. The location of the inn's office, in the Ramblas. Ramblas at night is very solid. Either by tourists or locals. We walked slowly to avoid the crowds as much as possible. Reportedly because many ignorant hands pickpockets roam the area.

Our inn is located in the elite area of ​​Barcelona, ​​Eixample. One metro stop from the Ramblas. It's not too close to public transport stops. However it is very comfortable. The kitchen is modern and complete equipment. All the rules clearly written in many places. The main rule, is not to make a fuss. Wonder how they can set a low price for all that good.

The next morning, we wasted no time. Starting around the city as early as possible. Finished breakfast, we begin to explore the Passeig de Garcia to the Ramblas. Great shops along the road is still closed. Just cafes and eating places have started mobbed buyers. The workers just to the workplace each. Pavement is very wide and clean. Just like at Valencia orange trees to decorate the streets. Everything looks grand and elegant in Barcelona. Apartments Gaudi designed buildings, as well as the women. The buildings have a unique architecture. Dress them seem classy and highly fashionable. There is no wonder if many of the leading clothing stores such as Mango and Zara came from here.

We kept going up to La Ramblas. Unlike the night before, that morning this road looks not too crowded. Souvenir stalls just opened. Some bums sleeping on the street bench. Barcelona itself is a highway with trees and sidewalks are very wide in the middle. The sidewalk is the center of life and hustle. Although not crowded, apparently the street artists have started their action. They are colorful costumed. From costumes keemaran sculpture, silver, clown, to broad-winged fairies. People should bring a lot of loose change if they want to give their money.

Popped into the market, La Boqueria, we noticed that people can shop with credit cards in this traditional market. The journey then continues to the Monument a Colom, pillared monument ornate 60 meter tall giant statues and beautiful carvings all around.

Tired and started getting hungry, we decided to break for a moment while eating a lunch on a bench not far from the monument. The view around us was also wonderful. Just a few hundred feet the eye can see, it looks small row boat was parked. Appears maritime side Barcelona.

A wash of the sea breeze eventually stung too. Fortunately, we've prepared a little thicker jacket. Provisions have moved into the abdomen, the journey progresses. We walked to the Barri Gotic, the Gothic-style cathedral location a. His full name is La Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulalia. He is the former temple complex artificial nation wide Romari. Size of the gigantic cathedral. Hard to capture the physical from close range. The surrounding area is also the center of the crowd. Tour buses passing by. Mengankut travelers in and outside Spain. Eating places are filled with customers. Small shops selling all sorts of items in rows.

We were alone, just passing through while perpetuating the photo here and there. Before long, we have been in a metro to the Sagrada Familia.

Giant church Sagrada Familia is one of the symbol of the city of Barcelona. Built since 1882, began the famous architect Antoni Gaudi commandeered from 1883, the building was not completed until Gaudi died in 1926. Even now the church with soaring minarets shaped new bone 8 of 12 bell tower completed. A friend called him the church was never completed. Because of the length of the development process. It is estimated, in the year 2026 his form to be perfect. However, sebagain can be enjoyed, used as background photo keepsake.

Satisfied take pictures, interspersed fill the stomach again at a dinner, the day was late afternoon. And we still want to visit the Camp Nou, FC Barcelona headquarters. We do not know the exact location. So our goal first point to the central station. Looking for more information.

His mother asked a station attendant mother. While repeating "La Barka - La Barka". The point is La Barca. Eh, the mother did not understand the officer shook his head again. Only after Mother told football club, mom ngeh. Ah, La Barsya (La Barca), he said. He showed one spot on the map, while giving out at the metro stop where we had to stop.

It was getting dark. We still have less spirit left. In order to see one of the biggest stadiums in Europe. Unfortunately Mother camera battery is KO. Staying another camera that is not too good for taking pictures at night. Camp Nou looks very lonely. Anneal only lights around the stadium complex. Overview looked alone can we conclude that the complexity is very broad. We can only imagine the atmosphere when the football match took place here. As we thought before, almost all of the photos Camp Nou background shots can not be enjoyed to the fullest. Entahnya, samapai even now we forget which store data.

Camp Nou is stopping us last night. Nothing feels, eleven hours we wandered in Barcelona. Brings a lot of memories and experiences


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